Tips for Raising a Toddler: One to Two Year Old

Toddlers are increasingly mobile at the ages of one and two. They move around by crawling, walking or running, and it can be difficult trying to catch up with them. Further, their mental development is under rapid growth. If you have a toddler, you will notice that he or she will increasingly be aware of surroundings. Exploring objects will be on a rise, as will the exploration of other people. The child will be more independent and start showing signs of defiance. Temper tantrums are common at this stage, as your curious child might not be able to express his or her needs properly. The frustration will lead to these outbursts. The best thing you can do is to detect an upcoming tantrum and try to distract your child.

Tips for Raising a Toddler: One to Two Year Old

Further, between the ages of one and two, a toddler will also imitate others’ behavior, especially those of adults and older kids. Therefore, it is very important to be a good example to your child. He or she will be able to recognize names of familiar objects and people, form simple sentences and phrases, and follow easy directions. The child will also be able to recognize his or her image in a photograph or mirror.

During this stage of development, make sure to be a positive influence on your child. Work on building his or her vocabulary and speech. Further, promote exploration and discovery. A toddler is rather curious, so make sure you do your best to encourage mental growth.

These tips will help you out:

1-Ask your child to find objects around the house.
2-Play matching games with him or her.
3-Read to your toddler on a daily basis.
4-Ask your child to name face and body parts.
5-Encourage exploration of things that surround him or her.
6-Promote language development by talking with the child.
7-Introduce the toddler to new things.
8-Take the child to visits to the park, where he or she can recognize common objects and explore curiosity.
9-Show enthusiasm and delight every time your toddler shows you something.
10-Avoid stimulation overload. Your child should not reach a state of not being able to deal with the external stimuli.

Since a toddler is very mobile, he or she is prone to dangerous situations, falls, and slips. If you have two kids, take a look at this double stroller for infants and toddlers.

To ensure the safety of your child, remember the following:

  1. Place plug covers on unused electrical outlets.
  2. Keep pens and sharp objects away from the child’s reach.
  3. Lock away poisons, household cleaners, and medicines.
  4. Keep household electrical and kitchen appliances away from toddler.
  5. Turn handles of pots toward the back of stove.
  6. Do not leave the child alone in the car.
  7. Use a small gate to block off the staircase.
  8. Keep the garage and basement doors locked.
  9. Place latches on cabinets.
  10. Secure doorknobs with childproof covers.
  11. Use wall anchors to keep large pieces of furniture from tipping over.

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