Tips for Increasing Your Running Stamina

As a long-distance runner, you surely want to improve your cardio endurance for running. To do this, you need to follow an effective training program. In addition, combine weekly training runs and resistance training. This will help to build stamina. Here are some essential tips for your training.

Improve Your Stamina with Interval Training

Using interval training gives you several benefits. Indeed, it helps to get the most out of your runs. At the same time, it increases your stamina. You can increase your cardiovascular capacity. Thanks to interval training, you can improve your anaerobic capacity. Aside from that, it helps to burn calories. By using interval training, you are also more interested in your running routine.

Use steady intervals by alternating equal periods of high as well as low-intensity running. It’s essential to start with a rapid walk, and then jog slowly. As a result, your body will be warmed-up right. You have to get used to the hard intervals. And, you end with a slow walk.

The pyramid interval training will begin with short bursts of high intensity. Then, it keeps the longest period of high-intensity training in the middle of your workout. When using pyramid interval training, you can use a stopwatch that aims to maintain your times.

Use variable intervals in order to combine short and long high-intensity intervals in an unpredictable pattern. This helps to mimic the irregular bursts of speed.

Don’t forget to perform the interval setting on your treadmill. The treadmill will increase the speed as well as the incline. They show you both new and unpredictable challenges. But, you have to warm up and cool down afterward.

Improve Your Running Stamina by Cross Train

Weight training is essential for your running economy. Add more weight training to use oxygen more efficiently as you run. You should do free weights three times a week.

Perform high-powered bike intervals. They won’t impact on your joints. Remember to increase the tension when pedaling on an exercise bike. Do this task until you can’t move the wheel.

Then, you should swim some laps as a break. It can help to change up your routine. Also, swimming is beneficial for your upper body muscles.

Other ways to Increase Your Stamina

It’s ideal to increase your mileage about 10% a week. It purposes to increase your stamina. However, you don’t forget to change your training. Then, you can build up your running gradually. At the weekend, you can take a long run.

If you want to build stamina, you should run slower as well as longer. Indeed, your run is not a race. Remember to take easy days not only before but also after your runs.

Besides that, you can also improve your running stamina thanks to some plyometrics exercises such as jumping rope and skipping drills. They can lessen the amount of time you have to stand on the ground. That means you can improve your running mechanics.

At the end of your workout, you need to increase the pace. This helps to counteract late-race fatigue.

Another way to increase your running stamina is changing your diet. You should decrease the number of refined carbs. Instead, add more lean protein as well as vegetables in your diet. In addition, it’s great to eat smaller meals.

Use a Training Schedule

By making a schedule, you can stick with your regimen. It makes sure you will accomplish your goal of improving your stamina. Aside from that, you can get an opportunity to gather metrics as well. Finally, the thing you need to do is making a commitment. Don’t ignore your regimen, don’t think that you’ll do it on the next day, etc. Instead, you should run in the morning to overcome it.


If you have done your running, never bend down to breathe. It will prevent you from getting the maximum amount of oxygen. Instead, you should sit or lean on something. Also, it’s important to listen to your body.  It helps protect you from injury. Don’t forget to warm up, stretch, as well as cool down. In addition, you need to wear shoes that fit properly.

All tips are very useful for you when it comes to increasing your running stamina. Hopefully, they can help you.

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