Tips for Healthy Gums

A beautiful smile not only raises your self-esteem but also improves your confidence. When it comes to maintaining healthy gums, it is not just about how bright the smile is or how straight the teeth are. You also want to check on your gums. You may be cavity-free, but this does not mean that you are immune to gum disease. Most people never realize they have problems with their gums because gum disease is usually painless. Sometimes, you may have uneven gums, making it difficult for you to have confidence with your smile. If you have receding gums or uneven gums, you want to consult a Chandler laser therapy expert to correct them. Even as you seek restorative treatment for your raised or receding gums, you also want to learn ways to protect the gums and keep them healthy. Here are tips to ensure your gums are healthy:

Brush carefully

How you brush your teeth plays a role in determining the health of your gums. If you use hard toothbrushes or you brush too aggressively, you could be damaging your gums. You may cause the gums to recede. Brushing using a hard toothbrush or brushing very aggressively can increase the chances of having gum disease. You want to use soft toothbrushes and ensure you brush for full two minutes. In the areas where your teeth and gums connect, you want to do proper brushing to do away with the build-up of plaque. You may have plaque building up and sticking beneath the gum tissue. This could cause an infection. Consider brushing in a circular motion.

Floss correctly

Flossing helps remove plaque from the lowest parts or the hard to reach areas like between teeth. Individuals need to floss correctly to prevent damaging the gums. You want to ensure that you floss daily and see that the floss goes all the way to reach the areas along the line of your teeth. Plaque tends to form in the areas between the gums and teeth and it is these parts where infections can develop. Ensure you have a flossing pick to use. They are easy to hold – they also allow convenience when moving the floss between the gums and teeth. Flossing picks also have pick-like portions towards their end to help remove particles of food trapped around teeth and in other areas difficult to reach.

Quit smoking

Smoking is associated with the development of gum disease. It weakens your immune system making it difficult to fight off gum infections. Also, smoking makes it difficult for the gums to heal after they are damaged. You want to stop smoking as it hurts your oral health and your overall health.

With these tips, you can keep your gums healthy and prevent gum disease or other conditions like receding gums. Consider eating foods that promote the health of your teeth including those rich in vitamin D and calcium. You may also want to use fluoride-enriched toothpaste and do regular dental cleanings. Otherwise, uneven or disproportional gums and receding gums can be addressed through restorative dental procedures.

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