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Health and fitness have never been more important.  Any magazine feature you read, internet article you look at, advertisement you receive, person you talk to, friend, foe and family member, are into fitness. The fitness market has also moved into a high-tech world and more people than ever before use fitness apps.  You can see people walking and jogging while looking at their sport watches, measuring their every step.

Here are a few of our tips for a healthy life:

Get outdoors

It’s as simple as that.  Get off the couch and move away from the television.  Try and take a short walk every day, and build your walk from short to long.  Walking is so good for you, both physically and emotionally.  Remember, suck in your core, lower your shoulders and then enjoy the fresh air.  This is when a fitness app is a good idea by the way, you can see how far you walk ever day.

Cut out carbs

It is important that you eat well and get your daily intake of protein, the right fat, minerals and vitamins.  People who cut all carbohydrates out of their diet – it’s called The Banting Diet – do brilliantly with weight loss.  We don’t believe in extreme weight loss and think it is better to lose weight slowly, but – cut out carbohydrates and see what happens.  Sugar is also really bad for you.  Again, you can get an App that measures your calories and your weight, and you may want to do this.  If you have a smart phone, you can download these Apps automatically.

Eat your superfoods

You have read about superfoods and if you can, incorporate them into your diet. Blueberries, chia seeds, kale, oatmeal, broccoli, strawberries, almonds and beets are just some of them.  Instead of reaching for cake, be like Obama and reach for six almonds.  Any time you feel like something filled with sugar, have a few berries.  They’re sweet and delicious and you will soon be glowing, from the inside and out.

Self care

Self care is really important.  We live in a world that is incredibly stressed and are constantly bombarded by bad news.  We also spend a lot of times behind our computer screens and often don’t look after our bodies. We forget to get up, stretch and breathe.  Go for a massage every now and again.  Spend a day at the Spa, or just half a day if you don’t have the time.   Take up yoga.  Treat yourself to something beautiful.

Play sport

If you want to get fit and healthy, take up a hobby or a sport.  You may already be sporty, and if you are, keep at it.  Instead of playing tennis once a week, play three times a week.  Learn golf.  Or go for an early morning jog, every single morning.  Take up an extreme sport!  Go sky diving, join a football or a rugby club.  Or just join the gym or do those yoga classes.  You can do sport before work if you don’t have time, or even during your lunch hour.   We mentioned fitness apps but go one step further.  Buy yourself a fabulous and tough sports watch.  The Casio G-shock is a fantastic sports watch.  It’s tough, it’s hardy, it’s not going to break while you throw the ball around or get tackled to the ground, and it look good!

Because a big part of health and fitness is sport, get sporty.  Buy yourself the gear.  Get your active clothing.  If you look good, you feel good!  Buy yourself a great pair of shoes.  In fact, we cannot stress the importance of good footwear enough.  You don’t want to injure yourself.  Make sure you have a hat and sunblock.  Always stretch before you start.  And buy yourself a really good sports watch.  It will last for as long as you do!

The Casio G-Shock is a fantastic watch.  Now get going.  Get off the couch, pop a few blueberries or almonds in your mouth, pull on your active-wear, add your sports watch to your wrist although hopefully you already have it on, and get going. Get fit and healthy, right now!

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