Tips and Tricks of Shaving Your Head for the First Time

shaving head

Shaving, in general, is a tricky business but it becomes trickier when you have to shave your head. There are a lot of tips and tricks you have to follow.

If you are a man then you have experience and you know what you are dealing with but if you are a woman, then you need few pointers.

Why People Shave Their Head

There are many reasons why people shave their head, from doing it to support a friend who is going through cancer to following a trend. We do understand that you are nervous but we are here to guide you.

Items That You Need To Shave Your Head

These are the products and items that you need for when you want to shave.

1) An electric shaver or a manual razor. We would suggest you use an electronic razor as it reduces the chances of you getting burns and cuts.

2) A small mirror, this will help you in seeing the back of your head. This will make sure that not a single lock of hair is left.

3) Scissors, you cannot use a razor over your locks if they are long in length. You will have to get them cut.

4) A good quality shaving cream or a shaving gel. We suggest that you use a gel as it will help in an even removal of hair.

5) A sunscreen or a hydrating serum. This will help in keeping your skin healthy and fresh.

Tips You Should Follow:

1) Take a shower before you start shaving your head. This will help in detangling your hair and will also help in opening your pores. If your pores are open, then you can easily shave.

2) Cut your hair before you start shaving. Only leave one-fourth of an inch. Shaving longer lengths are near impossible because hair tends to get stuck in the blades.

3) Use oil, gel or cream to lubricate your scalp before you start shaving. This will help you in preventing burns, cuts, and bumps. It will also help the razor glide over your scalp and remove your hair easily.

4) Don’t shave against the grain as that will result in ingrown hair and bumps. Shave in the direction of your hair growth. Firstly, shave the front of your head and then follow it up with edges and then shave the back of your head.

5) Don’t let your hair or your razor get dry. Use lots of lubricant or water and keep a bucket of water near you.

6) Continue watching the back of your head so that you don’t miss any hair.

7) Run a hand through your head to check for any leftovers and run the razor over your head for the last time.

8) In the end, use ice over your head before you take bath as ice closes pores and don’t forget to use sunscreen before you go out.

Hope this article proved helpful for you. If you found this informational, then please do comment and share with your friends.

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