Three Ways To Know If Your E-liquid is High Quality

Have you recently made the switch to e-cigarettes? If so then you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available out there. Sound familiar? Well – you’re not alone. The vast range of brands and flavours on the market mean that for the inexperienced e-cig user, it has never been more difficult to know where to begin when picking a good vaping device and high-quality e-liquid.

You’ve probably seen some of the recent tragic events associated with vaping e-liquid in the U.S. and so today, we are giving you a rundown on what to look out for when picking your e-liquid to ensure you are getting the highest quality, safest products.

What is e-liquid?

If you’re brand new to the vaping world, you may not be too sure on what all the different terminologies mean. E-liquid often comes under different names, including e-juice, vape juice and even smoke juice – so it’s no wonder that for many, it can be hard to know what’s what.

E-liquid is the name for the fluid designed to go in e-cigarette devices. It’s the same liquid behind those impressive vapour clouds that are often left behind by enthusiastic e-cig users, and also what attributes the versatile flavours that have made vaping so popular.

How does e-liquid work?

So how does vaping work exactly? When e-liquid is heated up through an e-cig device, the composition of the liquid changes. Similarly, to how water evaporates when heated, e-liquid also changes from a liquid to a vapour when it hits that ideal heat (between 90 degrees and 200 degrees). From here, you can inhale the vapour to get the sensation of smoking, without the same level of risk.

What ingredients are in e-liquids?

Despite how popular vaping is, many e-cig users say they don’t actually know what ingredients should be in their e-juice, and even more say they don’t know what to check for when buying a new e-liquid.

So, here’s what you need to know, and don’t worry – it’s more straight forward than you may think!

A high-quality e-liquid should only have four ingredients at most. These are:

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Food-grade flavouring
  • Nicotine (optional)

Our biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to source the highest quality e-liquid is to always check the ingredients before purchasing. E-cig juice that contains anything other than the above four ingredients should be given a wide birth, unless you are looking for speciality e-liquid which may contain additional ingredients such as CBD.

Three easy ways to know if your e-liquid is high quality

Although there are plenty of untrustworthy retailers out there, there are just as many high-quality ones on the market offering premium e-liquid products. To help you along the way to choosing the best e-liquids for you, here are three tell-tale signs that the e-juice you’ve opted for is of a high quality.

  1. Sniff test

It may sound like a no brainer, but poor-quality e-liquid gives itself away pretty immediately through its aroma. Before purchasing an e-liquid in store, have a sniff of the mixture;

  • Does it smell like the flavour it is advertised as?
  • Does it have an unpleasant or chemical smell?

If you’re purchasing e-liquid online, it can be a little trickier to avoid wasting money on a poor-quality liquid, however we advise you still have a smell of the product before putting it into your vape.

To avoid buying poor quality e-liquid online, always check the ingredients. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller for further product information if the website is not forthcoming.

  1. Taste test

You’ve probably experienced what it’s like to taste a low quality, artificial flavour. Whether that be in e-liquid, or something else. Poor quality e-juice rarely tastes authentic, and often falls short of the mark when trying to emulate the desired flavour.

  • Does your e-liquid have a bad taste?
  • Is it a generic flavour, that doesn’t really taste of anything in particular?

Most reputable retailers will allow you taste an e-juice before making a purchase by dabbing a small amount onto the end of your finger. Wherever possible, always try to get a sample of the product first.

  1. Damaged e-cig

Worst case scenario is that you have missed out on some of the earlier signs of a poor-quality e-liquid and have now been left with a vaping device that is damaged or underperforming.

Many low-quality e-juices will often leave a thick, unpleasant residue behind on the coil of your e-cigarette, which can at best lead to more frequent changes of the coil (which can be costly over time), or at worst completely write your device off.

Always choose a reputable e-liquid retailer for the best vaping experience

Low-quality e-liquids can be an inconvenience, a drain on finances and in some cases even harmful to our health – so it always pays to do your research first. One retailer who has a longstanding reputation for high quality vaping devices and premium e-liquids are Cloudstix.

Cloudstix are suppliers of some of the biggest and best names in the e-liquid world, with options ideal for a range of budgets, and enough variety to keep you in stock throughout your vaping journey. So, if you’re looking to step-up your vaping game, Cloudstix are definitely worth your time and attention.

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