Three Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Fats Quickly


Promising yourself that you won’t eat too much this Thanksgiving is like making a New Year’s resolution to work out more – you know it’s not going to happen. Every year, you go home to your parents’ house. The moment you step through their front door, the delicious smell of something baking in the kitchen immediately robs you of your willpower.

Before you know it, you’ve already gobbled a quarter of the turkey and half of the apple pie. And surprisingly, you’re still waiting to eat some more when the night comes. By the end of your short vacation, you feel so full and doughy that you might think of checking into aweight loss center in Orem.

Well, you don’t have to sacrifice Thanksgiving or any other holiday if you want to stay fit. If you’re coming home for the holidays and you want to lose weight right after your vacation, follow the suggestions below.

Practice before the holidays

One of the most remarkable things about the human stomach is its elasticity. When you eat a large amount of food, your stomach will stretch to accommodate all those pastries, pasta, turkey, and desserts. Since it’s elastic, your stomach can reverse and become smaller if you put in less food.

To take advantage of this for any upcoming holiday, you should practice eating small amounts before you go home. What you can do is set aside one month wherein every time you have a meal, you remove 1/3 of the stuff on your plate. So if before, you often eat a plate full of spaghetti bolognese for lunch, this time remove 1/3 of it before Thanksgiving.

This way, your stomach will grow smaller and smaller that when you come home for the holidays, you won’t be able to eat a quarter of the turkey or half of the apple pie. You’ll be able to keep yourself from gorging on Thanksgiving dinner.

Avoid sugar

Sugar is your enemy when it comes to losing weight. It’s because constant intake of sugar will increase your cravings for other foods. Since most holidays offer sugary sweets, you’ll have a harder time trying to get rid of extra pounds because you can’t stop eating.

What you should do is pace yourself when you’re on holiday. Just like the suggestion above, try to remove as much sweets from your plate when you’re about to eat. If your mom gives you a slice of custard pie, remove half of it and give it to your nephew.

After the holidays, try to abstain from eating sugar by replacing it with other foods that are healthier and sweet at the same time. Eat more fruits. If you’re really craving for something sweet, add a little honey to your cereal or cup of tea. Of course, you still need to moderate your intake of honey. But compared to sugar, it won’t raise your blood sugar level as quickly.

Increase protein intake

This is good news if you’re going home for Thanksgiving because you won’t have to avoid eating turkey if you want to lose weight after the holidays in a jiffy. All you have to do is increase your protein intake because protein makes you feel fuller, preventing you from overeating.

So, ask your mom to serve low-fat protein foods like chicken, salmon, or even thin slices of turkey breast. Just don’t cover your turkey breast with a healthy dollop of gravy.

And if you really want to lose weight right after the holidays, get out and walk. Exercising right after Thanksgiving will help you shed off those unwanted pounds much faster compared to just sticking to your diet plan.


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