Three Android Apps to Boost Your Diet

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The beauty about the Android mobile platform is the variety of apps available on the Android Market. For those looking to lose weight and stay in shape, you’re in luck. While having an app isn’t your magic pill to six pack abs, they’ll help organize and make things easier for you. Here’s a list of 3 great Android apps to boost your diet:

1) Fast Food Calorie Counter – For those dieters on the go, it is hard to keep track of the foods you eat as well as what these foods contain. When traveling, most people will have to resort to fast food, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t stick to your diet and eat right. If your life involves a lot of traveling, then the Fast Food Calorie Counter app might be right for you. With 73 restaurants and 9,141 fast food items in the database, this app should have you covered. Available for only $2.99, the Fast Food Calorie Counter is a bargain.

2) Hungry! – Going to the supermarket with even a slight feeling of hunger can be a bad thing, especially if you’re watching the foods you’re eating. People tend to go overboard with the influence of their hunger, putting things in their cart that they shouldn’t have. This Hungry! app helps dieters when preparing grocery lists. It makes sure you don’t surpass your “diet budget” so you stick to the foods on your list and maintain those healthy eating habits. In addition, the Hungry! app should help you spend less money during supermarket trips.

3) Carlorie Counter by FatSecret – Calorie Counter by FatSecret is one of the best diet applications available on the Android Market. Why? It provides a robust nutritional package that should help anyone reach their goals (of course, you have to do work yourself). Calorie Counter includes a nutritional diary for tracking daily food and caloric intake, an exercise journal that tracks calories burned, and there’s even a weight tracker that even graphs progress through time.

The food database for the nutritional diary contains a detailed list that should cover the majority of foods that dieters would eat. In addition, this app is continually updated, so expect lots of constant improvements. What’s the best part about the Calorie Counter by FatSecret? It’s free! Simply download it directly from the Android Market.

The Power is in Your Hands – Don’t forget that you have to put in the hard work and dedication in order to eat healthfully and stay in shape. However, Android applications like those above can be very helpful in the process. These apps have to ability to track your foods, workouts, and even your weight. Through these apps, you can get that boost you need in order to make it to the next level with your diet. Work hard, use these applications, and you will see results.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I would like to add one app to the list that I found extremly helpful. It’s called Yazio and has become a great support on my weight loss journey! I use it to keep track of my calories, macros, activities, body measurements and water intake. Apart from that I really love the recipes that are included in the app, too! They are easy to prepare, but so delicious! Yazio even offers meal plans and challenges – so basically everything you need to eat healthier! id

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