Think You Have Muscles? Here Are 5 Ways to Put Your Strength to the Test

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At some point, many people find themselves wanting to test their strength and physical fitness. Many times, people who work out and have visible muscles want a way to test the strength they have been crafting. Other times, people who do not work on their physical fitness want to see their current fitness level so that they can use the information as a starting point on a health journey. Below are five ways a person can test their strength and fitness.

One: Axe Throwing

Those looking for a fun and hip way to test their strength should give axe throwing a try. It takes a surprising amount of strength to throw an axe properly and hit the target. Powerful people can throw larger axes or even two axes at once! Check out Axe Throwing Near Me to learn more.

Two: Count Push-Ups

A way to test the strength of a person’s core body muscles is with push-ups. Push-ups measure a person’s muscular endurance. This test is measured by how many push-ups a person can do in a fixed period of time. Push-ups help measure the strength of the chest, shoulder,s and upper arm muscles.

Men in excellent physical shape should be able to do at least thirty push-ups. A woman is said to be in excellent shape if she can do at least twenty-five push-ups. For men, twenty-five to twenty-nine is considered good, twenty to twenty-four is considered fair, and anything less than nineteen is poor. Twenty to twenty-four push-ups are good for women, fifteen to nineteen is not bad, and anything less than fourteen is considered poor.

Three: Plank Challenges

Planks are a great way for a person to test their core muscle strength. For this test, a person lies on their stomach with their forearms on the floor, their elbows directly under their shoulders, and their fists facing each other. The person should then push their body up off of the floor, holding their head, neck, back, and legs in a straight line like a plank of wood.

The longer a person can hold this pose, the stronger their core muscles are. Holding this pose for longer than three minutes is considered exceptional, and one to two minutes is considered good. Thirty to sixty seconds is considered average, while less than thirty seconds is considered poor.

Four: Measuring a Person’s Jumping Length

Another way people test their strength is by measuring how far they can jump. To jump, a person must have several muscle groups throughout the body fire at once. The average person will not be able to jump farther than six feet. A strong person will be able to jump anywhere from six to eight feet.

Five: Test Heart Strength Through Resting Heart Rate

Many people are unaware that their heart is a muscular organ. A person can test the strength of their heart by measuring their resting heart rate or RHR. To test RHR, place two fingers either on the neck’s carotid artery or on the radial artery on the wrist. Next, count the number of heartbeats felt in 60 seconds. The first beat is counted as zero.

A person whose heart is strong will have a low RHR. Sixty beats per minute are considered a great result and a sign of a strong heart muscle. Sixty-one to eight beats is considered average. Eighty-one to one hundred beats a minute is high yet still acceptable. Anything over one hundred and one beats is not good and a sign of poor muscular heart health. The lower the number, the more fit a person’s heart is said to be.

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