Things You Don’t Know About the Mattress You Sleep On!


Your mattress certainly deserves a lot more important than it gets. It has a major role in determining your sleep quality, which is something crucial when it comes to your overall health.

If you would like to know more about what we are trying to get to here, just stick around as we discuss some of the most important ways in which a mattress affects your sleep quality.

Stress Levels

It has been proven by some studies that sleeping on a new mattress can lead to significantly lower stress levels than sleeping on an old one. And higher levels of stress are commonly linked to a poor quality of sleep.

Hence, it’s highly recommended to replace a mattress after it has been used for 8 years or longer. It will help improve your stress levels and in turn, your overall sleep quality.

Preventing Allergies

As many as 20 million Americans suffer from many different types of allergies every year. And a large part of the reason is believed to be the mattress they sleep on.

And this is precisely why the Better Sleep Council recommends periodic cleaning of your mattress. However, if you still find yourself with a sore throat or a runny nose after the periodic cleaning, then it may be about time you replace your mattress.

Avoiding Ultra-Push Mattresses

As cool as they may sound and look, they can be terrible for your back. They are often linked to back pain and a variety of other similar health problems that make them one of the worst types of mattresses to sleep on.

Make sure you test a mattress by sleeping on it before you buy it, so that you can be sure of the kind of comfort and back support it offers.

Not Feeling Energetic Enough?

A lot of people feel tired and deprived of energy even after spending about 8 hours in their bed every night. If you’re one of them, this may very well be due to your mattress.

Old mattresses often fail to offer the kind of comfort your body needs at night, leaving it in a tired state even after getting more than enough sleep.

Don’t Ignore the Lumps!

Too many people take the lumps on their mattress lightly. However, this can be a mistake that may cost them their health in the long run.

Things like mattress spring and lumps may lead to back pain and even body ache over time, and hence should be dealt with as soon as they show up. Getting a new mattress is the best approach to such issues.

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