Things Working Moms Can Do For Best Stress Relief


Most of us have busy schedules in our lives which makes us pretty stressful during the week days. It’s even harder to take out time for ourselves when we have to manage our work, home and our kid’s altogether. In this post you will find some really useful stress relieving activities for all the busy moms out there. I hope these small daily steps will help you get relaxed and stay away from extra pressure.

Take Small Breaks

In the research on dealing with stress and chaotic lives all of the techniques actually fall into three categories, stop drop and roll now if that sounds familiar that probably means that you had the firefighters come to your school when you were little and teach you what to do if you ever caught on fire well those same techniques that help when you are physically on fire are actually really successful.

If you are cognitively on fire to you stop drop and roll let me show you what it looks like stop is where whatever you are doing you freeze in place now I know you are saying yeah I am stressed because I am so busy I don’t have time to stop well when you are in that mode your adrenaline and your cortisol are high your heart rate is high your respiration are high you are no good to anyone whether you stay at home mom while working on you are no good.

Take small breaks of 15 to 30 minutes from your 23 hours daily. Those small breaks can be following:

  • A weekly massage routine. If you can’t go to spa, keep a massage chair at home. Check out some good options here.
  • Dance on your favorite music.
  • Take a hot bath.
  • Sit and watch a comedy movie with your kids.
  • Cook something which you like.
  • Order something and take a break from cooking.
  • Go for a walk and breathe some fresh air.

Turn on the Music and Start Cleaning

In that position you are not functioning at your top levels you have to stop even if you think you don’t have time stop can look like many different things if you have a little baby at home and you are a working mom it is very difficult to take time out for yourself. A stop looks like going to the bathroom by yourself for five minutes which I know toddler moms don’t get enough of but stop step out of the situation that the crisis for just a minute then you want to drop and drop means drop back into a lower gear.

So that lower gear can be very simple.  Just turn on some music and start cleaning up the house. Cleaning up is the rope activity that you can do pretty easily maybe your kids can help you with it it’s something that has to get done because mess is just contributing to the chaos that’s in your mind so do something to drop yourself back.

Set a Calendar for Tasks

As working moms you can do a simple task that’s just setting your calendar or you go and tab some things but anything that continues to lower your blood pressure lower your breathing and keep you in that lower gear so you can reset yourself in order to be able to roll. So, pick all those things you would like to do to keep yourself relieved. Mark them on the calendar and it will help you to remember a part of day only has to be about relaxing yourself.

Meet People

One thing which is important is to make sure that you meet the people around you maybe that means making time to spend with other moms may be it means making time to spend with people who are not parents so you get out of your mom mode. This really just not helps to make you feel refreshed but it also will give you a chance to talk and laugh about things other than work and your home responsibilities.

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Andrea Leal is a blogger who loves writing health tips. She is a coffee lover and in her free time she likes being with her family and friends.

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