Things A Tarot Reader Should Never Say About Health And Diet

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We all are aware about the art of tarot reading, many consider it is magical and many think of it as an ideal solution to all the problems in their life. However, tarot reading is something which needs to be approached with an open mind and it will give you insights into the decisions you can make in your life. It will help you choose the right path and will guide you throughout your life. Tarot cannot predict the future and if you are going for a reading with the same in mind, you will be disappointed. Tarot can guide you and enlighten you but it cannot give you a definite answer about the future.

There are a lot of tarot readers who are not psychics and they have themselves learnt to read the cards through practice and experience. As Sheila Moon from Psychic 2 Tarot explains, “there are stark differences between someone with psychic abilities and someone who is clairvoyant. Every reader will have a different approach to the reading and every client will come with a different query. However, the reader needs to be very careful about what they speak to the querent. In some cases, it is common sense but it is still important to remember that tarot is not the ultimate solution to all troubles in life. Many querent approach a reader with questions related to health and the tarot reader needs to remember that certain things should never be spoken aloud.

A tarot reader believes that your state of mind will have an impact on your health and wellbeing and you will adopt a holistic view about life. The four elements in the human body are represented by the four suits in a Tarot. All said and done, the below mentioned are absolute don’ts when answering health questions for your client.

  • Do not diagnose anything for the client even if they ask you do. You need to ask them to visit a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Never give information about how to treat a medical condition or change the treatment.
  • Never ask the client to stop taking certain medication which has been prescribed by a medical professional.
  • Never consider any type of mental health issues in your grasp.

As a tarot reader, you need to be aware of your limits before you answer the health queries of any client. Never take a health issue lightly and do not advice on anything to the client even if they ask you to. You cannot tell a woman when she will get pregnant or whether she will die from an illness. Tarot reading has limits and you need to abide by the same. However, there are certain do’s of tarot reading that you also need to follow.

  • Work from certain specific health related queries.
  • Only answer the specific questions after you are sure that the client has visited a medical professional and is receiving the medical treatment as well. If not, you will have to request the client to visit a medical professional straightaway.
  • You need to clarify that any advice you give will be complimentary and the client should follow it only and only if it does not contradict the advice given by the doctor.
  • Look into the emotional wellbeing of a client and explain how it can affect their health.
  • Understand and explain the environment which might be contributing to the disease.
  • Look at the element balance or the cards which you can relate to the chakras.
  • Refer the client to a medical professional if you deem necessary.

You might feel drawn to using the tarot cards for the purpose of healing but you need to study on the correspondences and understand how holistic healing can help. There are remedies which help you calm your mind and body but no tarot reader can give a solution to health problems or diseases that the client is suffering from. You can use tarot to help each other and explain the situation to the client. You need to convince the client to visit a medical practitioner and get an accurate diagnosis instead of depending on the tarot reader to guide them. As a tarot reader, you should remember that you are not a medical professional and you have no right to ask the client to start or stop any sort of medication or treatment. You can answer basic health questions but never delve deeper into disease related queries.

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