The Value of Competition in Sport for Teenagers

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These days teenagers tend to lead busy lives, they have to juggle their academic schedule with their hectic social lives which means it can be hard for them to squeeze in any other activities. This includes activities which could benefit them not only physically but would sharpen their wits at the same time. Teenagers who choose to combine their academic responsibilities with sporting activities create a level of fun which can prove to be healthily and challenging all at the same time, with the end result being a great level of fitness for body and mind. The value of competition in sports for teenagers can be broken down into several categories most of which positively enhance their overall well-being.

Confidence Giving

Youngsters who get involved in sports and in particular team games that involve a healthy amount of competitiveness, quickly learn how to be more assertive which means they gain confidence in their own abilities and strengths. This in turn allows them to develop into a much happier, enthusiastic people.

Competitive Sports Helps Ease Academic Stress

It’s a well-known fact that teenagers tend to feel the pressure of their academic workload. Exams, tests and studying can take their toll and together with peer pressure, this can lead to stress and even depression. Taking part in sports helps ease stress and is indeed, a healthy outlet to let off steam. Playing competitive sports adds an all-important distraction that takes the pressure off things that are associated with school life.

Responsibility & Commitment

Being involved in sports is a great way for teenagers to learn the value of responsibility as well as commitment. Each member of a team has to know they can rely on other members in order to win a match or game. But it’s just as important during practice when each team member can prove their worth and reliability as well as their strengths and weaknesses when preparing for a big game.

Competition Sports Helps Improve Overall Health

Taking part in some sort of sporting activity offers teenagers the opportunity of working out in a healthy environment. Playing sports helps improve fitness with the added bonus that most teenagers who take their sport seriously tend to drink less alcohol and rarely do they smoke, simply because they are more aware of the negative effects both have on their bodies. Youngsters who start playing sports at an early age tend to suffer less health issues later in life which includes osteoporosis and heart conditions.

Communication & Team Spirit

Teenagers who take part in sporting activities quickly learn how to work as a team member. They learn how to handle problems they are presented with and how to communicate with their team mates. Naturally, this improves their game but it also lays the foundation for when they are older and in the workplace where communication skills are essential.

There’s nothing like lifting a trophy to celebrate a team achievement, trophies often have a permanent reminder with an engraving of the team name on too.

The Negative Side of Competitive Sports

There’s no denying that playing sports has a positive impact on a teenager’s physical and mental development. However, there are a few negative aspects that go hand in hand with competitive sports. Teenagers who take their sport too seriously at a very early age may burn out or turn into a “tired” youngster, and this can have an adverse effect on both school work and their social lives. Team pressure might be too much or maybe a coach is too zealous and forgets the importance of maintaining a balance between sporting interests and other things in a teenager’s life.

In the end

Being part of a team that plays competitive sports offers teenagers the chance to let off steam whilst at the same time build up their social skills by having to interact with team mates. However, there has to be a happy balance where life does not entirely revolve around sporting activities, otherwise it might defeat the object which is to enjoy the sport, to feel good about competing and to value the great feeling of being a team member.

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