The Utility of the Smart Drug Citicoline

Medicine is constantly improving. In the past, people used to cure themselves with plants and different kinds of herbs. Some were successful, others weren’t. The herbs indeed have medicinal properties, but sometimes that is not enough. You have no choice but to use pills and other drugs, depending on what your diagnosis is. Either way, if there’s a solution to your problem, then you need to take it.

Have you heard of the term nootropic? It is a supplement that affects the brain but in a positive way. It helps the brain to function more efficiently and improves cognitive ability. A lot of nootropics have been tested only to prove that they indeed can make a difference in the human body.

One of them is citicoline. First of all, citicoline is a brain chemical that naturally occurs in the body. But it also appears in the form of medicine. Since it is something that your own body produces, it surely won’t be harmful. As a medicine, you need to swallow it as a supplement. Read more about the nootropic by checking out the link

A lot of people don’t know what its benefits are. Some of the most essential ones are that the supplement is helpful against Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, head trauma, stroke, etc. You see how all of these illnesses are connected to the brain? That’s because the supplement is showing promising results against them. Don’t be surprised if a doctor recommends it to you for use.

The drug was invented in Japan to treat strokes. Later on, it became quite famous and used as a prescription drug in many European countries. It is good to know that is also prescribed as a drug for thinking problems that are related to circulation in the brain. Here are some other things you should know about it:

Which types of illnesses it is most effective against?


As mentioned above, it was created in Japan to help people that have suffered from a stroke. It is reported that those that take the supplement right after the stroke are most likely to recover within 3 months. Those that didn’t take the drug have a longer recovery time. Studies have been conducted to conclude that patients that suffered strokes are showing faster signs of improvement after taking the supplement. This is a small step into discovering the many uses of the supplement.

Another illness that the supplement proved effective against is memory loss. It is a scientific fact that as we get older, we tend to be more forgetful and to suffer memory loss. However, inconclusive studies have shown that taking citicoline between the age of 50 and 80 has improved memory. People don’t seem so forgetful, and they are more focused than their peers that don’t take the supplement. Read more by checking out this page.

Another thing that is important to note is that people that have issues with circulation are also compatible to take citicoline. You can either take it by mouth or inject it into the vein or muscle. This way, your memory, and behavior will be improved if you suffer from long-term cerebrovascular diseases.

Is everything backed up by evidence?

Sadly, no. As you are reading this, there are surely lots of studies and trials that are performed to conclude the benefits of the drug. You can always consult with a medical expert about the drug. Different doctors have different opinions about drugs, and you can hear what your doctor has to say as well.

If you are compatible to use the supplement, then a doctor might suggest a trial period. If you start to notice a particular change, then maybe the drug is working after all. If not, then it is time to try out something new and more effective. Also, visit website for additional information.

How does citicoline work?

It mainly increases the brain chemical called phosphatidylcholine. This is an essential chemical that makes the brain to function properly. The drug might also decrease any brain tissue damage that might have appeared during a stroke or some other illness.

Also, a lot of things are still disputed when it comes to this nootropic. For starters, people fear whether it is safe to use. Some doctors claim that it is only safe when taken by mouth. You can take the drug for 90 days and figure out then if it has made a difference. Lots of individuals that receive the supplement don’t experience any side effects. But, as you know, not all bodies function the same way.

Some of the most common side effects are trouble sleeping, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, nausea, low or high blood pressure, chest pains, and others. If by some misfortune you notice any of these side effects, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t wait for matters to get worse. After this, it is not advisable to retake the drug.

Is it safe to use when pregnant?

There hasn’t been that much data to conclude that it is indeed safe to use citicoline while pregnant. It is best to stay on the safe side and not use any. This is so because you have a baby growing inside of you and you won’t know how the drug will affect you and the baby as well. Your gynecologist will most certainly recommend the same thing. Pregnant women may need to ingest drugs, if necessary, that are entirely harmless to the fetus, however, this entirely depends the doctor’s prescription.

Where to find out more information?

You always have the option of the internet to find all sorts of recommendations and reviews from people that may have used the drug. But don’t rely too much on online research. This is a chemical compound that doesn’t respond the same way in different people. The safest option is to ask your doctor about any questions that you may have about the drug. If your doctor approves of the nootropic, then you can give it a shot.


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