The Top Tried and Tested Ways You Can Reduce Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

We are all exposed to electromagnetic field radiation, and whilst it’s not necessarily a bad thing in small doses, and we, in fact, produce our own, too much exposure can have detrimental effects. We all have Wi-Fi connections, for instance, and this can’t be good because they emit too much radiation, which can certainly have an impact on our bodies over time. More people have developed electro-sensitivity as well, and a lot of conditions have now become exacerbated due to overexposure to electromagnetic fields, and these include conditions like stress and depression, insomnia, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and more. So the big question right now is: what can you do to limit and reduce your overall exposure to electromagnetic field radiation? Here’s your list of the top tried and tested ways:

  • Everyone has a cell phone, and whilst we can’t avoid not using our cell phones, one thing we can do is use it in the proper way. For example, when you have to make a call, put your cell phone on speaker mode and make sure to hold it about a hand’s length away from your head. Another option would be to use a headset (a wired one), although this isn’t as good as putting your cell phone on speaker mode. You can also use a Bluetooth gadget if you can’t choose the first two options; this is still better than holding the phone directly to your ear.

  • If you have to bring your cell phone with you, don’t place or store it next to your body. Your best bet? Place it in a purse or bag. But if you have to carry it in your pocket, carry it in such a way that the antenna doesn’t face your body, either.

  • The best time to use your cell phone is when the bars are at their maximum level, which means that you are getting ideal reception. If the quality of the signal is poor, your phone will work doubly hard to get a signal, which makes it emit more electromagnetic radiation as well.

  • You can make use of various EMF protection products which are all-natural and available online, such as pendants and necklaces, protection shields, crystals, stones, and more – these products aren’t harmful, and they may even lead to better sleep, less anxiety and stress, and a better overall feeling.

  • If you have a wireless router or modem in your household, keep it in a room which you don’t use that often and not in your bedroom or frequently-used living spaces. You should also turn off the router at night or when you don’t need it. Investing in a wifi radiation blocker is another option to consider to keep you safe no matter what distance you are using it from.

  • Protect yourself further by making your bedroom a safe haven. This means not just banishing the Wi-Fi router or modem but also banishing other gadgets such as computers, cell phones, laptops, and televisions. If you want even more enhanced protection, unplug any appliances or devices located near or beside your bed. Use an alarm clock that runs on batteries rather than electricity, and make sure that any power strips or extension cables or cords aren’t around or under the bed.

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