The Top Cutting-Edge Option to Improve Your Skin Imperfections

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If you have tattoo regret or skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation and acne scars, your good news is here. PicoSure laser is here to eliminate your problems. Wildwood PicoSure specialists at NUWA WORLD offer treatment using the new device that stimulates your skin’s natural healing process to eliminate skin imperfections that bother you.

What Makes PicoSure Unique?

PicoSure is a type of skin laser designed to reverse various signs of aging and skin imperfections and remove tattoos. Its uniqueness lies in its functionality. It uses shorter bursts of light than other lasers, and therefore the amount of heat delivered to the skin is reduced, further reducing the damage caused to the surrounding tissues.

The technology also utilizes a special lens that converts light energy into short bursts of pressure. The pressure waves disturb the skin cells rather than damaging them with heat and focus only to jump-start your body’s healing process.

Why You Might Consider PicoSure

The primary purpose of this advanced technology is to remove tattoos and reverse some signs of aging. This means that you might benefit from PicoSure if you have aging-related skin conditions such as acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, among others. The technology is aimed at stimulating the body’s natural healing ability. As a result, hyperpigmented lesions are brightened, and collagen growth is promoted to produce a skin tightening effect.

For tattoo removal, the device can remove colors such as orange and red, which could be difficult when using traditional lasers. It uses the pressure waves to break down the ink pigmentation in the skin, then it is removed through the lymphatic system.

Best Candidates for PicoSure

Although people with different skin imperfections or who require tattoo removal may desire PicoSure, not everyone can be considered the best candidate for the procedure. You must be in good health, and if you need tattoo removal, they must have healed for about six months. Your dermatologist must evaluate your condition before recommending PicoSure and may discuss other options with you if:

  •       You have melanoma that is undergoing treatment
  •       Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  •       Have a history of keloid scarring
  •       Have a tan
  •       Have an autoimmune disorder

Advantages of Using PicoSure

  •       This highly innovative technology can be advantageous in several ways, including:
  •       It can treat a larger area compared to traditional lasers almost four times bigger.
  •       There is no downtime and post-treatment procedure. However, after tattoo removal, you may have to take care of and dress the wound.
  •       The laser has been proven to remove what is considered to be difficult tattoo ink colors such as green, yellow, orange, and red.
  •       The procedure using the device is less painful compared to other types of lasers.
  •       The devices are better at eliminating previously treated tattoos than traditional lasers. This includes treating tattoos that have been treated multiple times.

However, PicoSure may not give a guarantee that unwanted pigments or tattoos will fully disappear. It can also be a lengthy process, just like most laser tattoo removal treatments, which can involve multiple sessions to achieve optimal results.

There is no doubt that PicoSure is a life-changing technological advancement that can improve your skin imperfections and remove tattoos effectively. You can gather more information by speaking to the experienced PicoSure specialists and the aesthetic team at NUWA WORLD. Don’t hesitate to contact the team or book your appointment.

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