The Top 3 Benefits of Exercising as a Family

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One of the biggest reasons for adults not getting enough exercise is due to family commitments.

Add this to the fact that, in the US alone, the prevalence of obesity in children and young adults is 18.5%, and it’s clear we all need to get moving more.

But when you’re at work all day, the kids are at school all day and you want to spend quality time together, how do you incorporate exercise into your daily regimen?

Here are just some of the ways you can do this and the 3 main benefits to getting fit as a family:

  1. You’ll Bond

Even though you and the kids may love your chill out time at night, let’s face it, when you’re sat in front of the TV for hours on end, you aren’t doing much talking.

Slot in some fun activities a couple of times a week and you might just be surprised how much talking you do. Whether Dad’s heading off to play soccer with his eldest son or Mom’s enjoying yoga with her teenage daughter, these special times together will help strengthen your parent-child bond. They give you common ground and that’s so important, especially as your kids get older.

Plus, exercise releases endorphins which means you’ll all feel happy – and this, in turn, will boost conversations.

  1. You Can Make It Fun

If none of you are too enthusiastic about sports, running or other strenuous activities, you don’t need to do them.

Instead, find something you all enjoy doing, or something you can do together that gets you outside and gives you some exercise.

Even heading to the local park so the kids can play on the latest stunt scooters from places like Skatehut is a great excuse to enjoy family time and get some exercise. Just make sure you’re doing a few squats and jumps while you watch them scoot around and get their exercise.

Or, why not join a local dance class? Or host your own Friday night disco? There are so many ways to get some exercise and they don’t need to be arduous.

  1. You’ll Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Finally, there’s the overwhelming benefit that by exercising in front of your kids, you’ll encourage them to follow in your footsteps.

From a very early age, your kids are looking up to you for guidance and model their own behaviors on yours, so set a good example by exercising and getting them to join in too. If they can get into the habit of exercising from a young age, this will stand them in much better stead in the future.

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