The Sweet 16 Birthday Party Presents To Tame The Troubled Teen

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Your child’s sixteenth birthday is an important one, and one they will always remember.  In the midst of sweet sixteen party themes, planning a party and buying party supplies, you’ve still got to come up with a gift!  As a parent, you will want the day to be perfect, and you will want them to be happy.  Part of this is finding the perfect gift, and the pressure to find the right one can seem overwhelming.  But if you simply remember certain aspects of your child’s personality, and invest some time in learning what they love, you can easily come up with the perfect gift, and one that is given with love.

Gift Ideas:

Jewelry.  For a young teenage girl, jewelry is always exciting.  A piece that is delicate and important to her can make her day.  Whether it is a necklace, charm bracelet or a pair of earrings, pick something that matches her personality and reminds you of her.  If you have a teenage son, a watch or a ring is a great gift for him.  Pick something that makes you think of him and tell him why.  Adding a personal touch to the gift makes it much more worthwhile.

Practical Gifts.  While things that are needed may not seem like the most exciting of birthday gifts, they can often serve a purpose and remind your child that you love them.  For a sixteenth birthday, a first aid kid or roadside assistance kit shows them you have trust in their ability to drive but are also concerned about their welfare.  This will also get them excited about the prospect of finally being able to drive!

Electronics.  Few teenagers are without electronics in this day and age.  IPods, computers, e-readers and other tablets are great gifts for any teenager.  Not only do these gifts give them a chance to have fun, but they can also use them for practical things like keeping a schedule and reading.  These gifts serve dual purposes for your child.

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Gift cards.  There are few teenage girls who don’t like to shop, and many teenage boys who enjoy looking good.  Whether you are able to pick out their clothes on your own or would like them to be able to do it themselves, gift cards are a great gift for your sixteen year old.  A gift card with the promise of a shopping trip just the two of you adds a personal element to the gift and shows your child that you enjoy spending time with them.

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Cars.  Getting a car on your sixteenth birthday is something every teenager dreams of.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford one, these are always exciting gifts.  If a car is out of your price range, you could also make your teenager their own set of keys to the family car, and show them that you trust them to be driving.

The Best Gifts

Although all sixteen year olds are excited about their birthdays, and are looking forward to their gifts, remember that most teenagers will notice the time and effort you put into a gift.  A gift that comes directly from you and has some thought put into it will make your child feel special and cherished on their birthday.  Celebrate their sixteenth birthday party with something that comes directly from you and involved some thought.

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