The Surprising Truth About PEMF Devices

You must certainly have heard about electromagnets, if you have. Then it wouldn’t be a far-fetched thought that you wouldn’t know about PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) devices that are slowly gaining popularity through its use for various purposes such as the healing of non-union bone fractures or for treating sleep disorders.

Which brings into question this, have you ever wondered about the factuality of PEMF devices? Whether they are actually as useful as your local wellness center claims it to be, or is it just one of those hoax type products that are only meant to get your hopes up, only to shatter them thoroughly when the time comes for real action. That is a query often asked by many since they are skeptical at first about using it.

This article will carefully try to explain some facts about PEMF devices that will likely bring you closer to perhaps getting an answer and possibly awakening your interest in PEMF therapy.

PEMF has a long history

Contrary to the popular belief, PEMF as a therapy has existed since a long time back, various people have been researching its uses since 1949. It rose to significance in 1979 after a Columbia University study that used NASA’s PEMF therapy which was approved by the FDA.

The fact is, it has garnered success in regards to various studies that aim to prove that the electromagnetic pulse is able to reduce muscle pain by a large margin and also help in the reconstruction of the body at a cellular level.

Now, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with the topic? It does, as said in the beginning. PEMF certainly has gained popularity in recent times, but as a concept it has existed since a long time ago.

PEMF is not just limited to buying  commercial devices

For one, PEMF as a therapy can be done using utilities done in a DIY (Do It Yourself) manner. In a simple sense, you can use any sort of household electronic equipment with a bit of knowledge about technology in general. At best, one would need a body applicator like a coil, a signal amplifier and a sound card software.

That is all it takes to create your own PEMF device, although granted it might not be as effective as the commercial ones, but it still would be effective.

In short, there are no “effective” ways of having a PEMF treatment, any sort of that device, either a homemade or a commercial one, will give you varying degrees of exposure and therefore the needed therapy. The sheer usage of PEMF depends on what one is dealing with and how severe the problem is.

Now, let us take in another fact. Even with a commercial PEMF, there could be chances of failure as they are not technically products tested by doctors and such. Therefore, for a quality PEMF device experience, one would have to actually visit a trained therapist in that field who would use the device to treat whatever sort of condition you have granted that it is truly something that fits and is applicable for the usage of PEMF.

Most PEMF devices you find could easily suck your finances dry under the pretense of convenience by giving you a quick and easy solution to mitigating the pain experienced by your body, such as PEMF mats. Unless the person or a company you are buying the PEMF device from is a well-known company, you can never be sure.

So, what is the truth then?

To be precise, it is hard to zero in on a truth that either denies the efficacy of PEMF devices or verifies it, what makes PEMF itself a viable source of therapy is when it is practiced by either a medical practitioner or a wellness center. Otherwise, doing the same therapy alone will certainly not yield as much success as one would hope for.

Another aspect of PEMF that makes it a relatively safe choice when used properly is the fact that most devices utilizing it use frequency waves called non-ionizing low-level radiation that makes them far safer than even an X-ray machine, which often fill the body with good amounts of harmful radiation.

With these facts, while it is not a direct answer to what you must have been hoping for, you can still make up your mind about whether you would actually try to get into the regimen of PEMF therapy or skip it altogether, it depends entirely on what you would need.

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