The Relationship Between Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Care

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A good number of people have heard the adage related to the medical advice of doctors. But think of a situation where rather than offering a quick fix the physician sits down with a patient and asks him/her regarding every component of their lifestyle. This is what physicians practicing functional medicine do. It can include osteopaths, chiropractor or MDs. What all share in common is they use a holistic approach to one’s health.

Treatment that is Patient-Centered

Treatment that is patient-centered has turned immensely popular. This concept means the physician will concentrate on the person in its entirety instead of a disorder or disease. Rather than finding a quick means of eradicating symptoms, doctors associated with functional medicine will look for an underlying cause of the problem that the patient is facing. Such doctors will recognize the individuality of every patient instead of taking the approach of one-size-fits-all. To know more contact Active Edge Chiropractic and Functional Medicine expert.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

The functional medicine physicians will probe deeper than merely discovering what is happening with the patient physically. They can ask the patient regarding their spiritual and emotional wellbeing as well as know regarding their bonding with family and partners. These doctors aim in maximizing one’s vitality in its entirety instead of treating the disease simply.

Affordable Disease Prevention

To prevent any disease will be more cost-effective compared to treating the same. By preserving one’s health and reducing damage due to stress, poor nutrition, and environmental toxins exposure, the doctors associated with functional medicine can save a lot of money.

Where Does the Chiropractor Fit In?

In the true sense, chiropractic care is indeed a facet of all-inclusive functional medicine as it aids patients to attain optimal health. Besides, the functional medicine’s concepts fit into various practices of the chiropractor as they will maximize the tools for treating patients. Some chiropractors focus chiefly on traditional spinal manipulation. Others, however, have added further components as per the functional medicine’s principles.


These comprise of lifestyle interventions, nutritional counseling, and acupuncture. It is an integrated approach that is immensely popular among chiropractors that treat complex yet common illnesses like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The functional medicine chiropractors will work with other practitioners for maximizing the health of the patient. A chiropractor, for instance, may refer one to the acupuncturist for more help or vice versa. They work hand in hand and focus on the best interests of the patient.

Often patients are amazed by the amount of time the functional medicine chiropractor invests on them. Here the interview will be much longer compared to what may take place in case of an average MD. Here the staff will ask the patient to fill out the questionnaire concerning their dirt history, toxins exposure, present symptoms, and past illnesses. The functional medicine doctor may order laboratory tests too. In functional medicine, the patient will play a pivotal role. They will work closely with their chiropractor to improve their health and often by changing their lifestyle and diet instead of taking medications passively for alleviating the current symptoms.

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