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Raw food is an up-and-coming food movement that’s getting increasing recognition amongst those seeking new ways to a healthy lifestyle. Some believe that raw food offers many health benefits by delivering nutrients and enzymes to the body that would otherwise be destroyed by cooking.

Raw food restaurants and resources are springing up all over and increasing numbers of raw food retreats are developing, offering holiday-makers the chance to enjoy a relaxing break and leave healthier than before they arrived.

What is raw food?

This may seem like a silly question, but it’s worth clearing up. The diet isn’t about eating anything you would normally eat, only uncooked. Most people who follow a raw food diet are vegan, omitting all meat and animal products from their meals. Some raw food fans include sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish), Carpaccio (thinly sliced raw meat, usually beef) and unpasteurised milk and cheeses. The degree to which people include raw food in their diets varies, with some eating nothing but raw food while most include some cooked food for variety and convenience.

A healthy way to get away

Many people take a holiday as an excuse to abandon all pretence of healthy eating and tuck into treats. Aficionados of the diet say that a raw food retreat offers a chance to return from your holiday feeling healthy and full of energy.  There are now retreats all over the world, a few of which area shown below. If you want to visit a city/destination and need great quality accommodation, visit a owner home sharing website.

Raw food on your doorstep

In Middle Piccadilly, a tiny hamlet in Dorset lays the Raw Food Retreat. With single and double rooms for lone travellers and couples, the retreat offers five-day programmes of raw food dining, tasting and instruction in raw food preparation techniques and a chance to relax in the tranquil surroundings of the renovated 16th century cottage.

The retreat has a Japanese spa with a hot tub, sauna and meditation and yoga space to make for a perfect holistic getaway. With prices starting from £500 for a five-day break, the Raw Food Retreat is affordable as well as restorative.

Tropical forest hideaway

Casa Verde is a self-styled “eco-retreat” that combines raw food with yoga, hiking and swimming. Set in the lush forests of Honduras, in Central America, you can combine learning about incorporating raw food into your diet while exercising your body and relaxing your mind.

The plushly furnished riverside cabins offer a perfect haven after a morning hike, kayak expedition or bouldering trip to rest and nap before a delicious raw-food meal accompanied by the sounds of the forest.

Wendy Green Yoga offer seven-day retreats at Casa Verde from $1125 based on two people sharing, inclusive of daily personalised yoga practice, all raw meals and one Thai massage during your stay.

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Spanish sojourn
In August, September and October 2018, Sunfood Yoga are offering week-long intensive yoga retreats supplemented with three raw food meals a day at their beautiful venues in the Alpujarra mountains in southern Spain, south of Grenada.

As with many other raw food retreats, tasting is combined with hands-on experience of preparing raw food meals under the guidance of expert raw food chefs. At Sunfood retreats, each day starts with guided yoga and meditation practice, with the rest of the day free for further yoga, raw food preparation classes and meditation.

S even nights accommodation in Alpujarra is €590 in a shared room or €790 for a single and includes twice-daily yoga classes, guided meditation, three raw food meals a day and raw-food preparation workshops.


With a raw food retreat, you get the chance to rejuvenate yourself, find out about yourself and your body and practice new ways of living. Choose one of these tranquil getaways and enjoy complete relaxation and a brand new you.

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