The Proportionality Between Hair Loss and Healthy Living

hair loss

Hair loss can be psychologically depressing particularly when it happens much earlier than you expect. Long, thick hair is a sign of the vibrancy of youth as well as good health.

You may have scoured the Internet for answers on how to deal with this. Trust me, there is absolutely no need to spend much time looking. What if I told you the solution is a change in your lifestyle? There is an integral connection between the way you carry yourself around and the health of your hair. At least that’s what I found out after I started looking for ways to stop my hair fall and regrow it. And it’s strongly evident that the hair is one among those parts of your body that experiences the intensity of your improper living habits.

In fact, it brings about a visible change in your appearance as a result.


Let’s start with the basic and seemingly unimportant but vital stuff – dandruff.

Everyone notices dandruff, and leaves it unattended resulting in subsequent hair damage and hair loss. Now, you can use anti-dandruff shampoos that contain ketoconazole to reduce the thinning of hair. So the next time you buy anti-dandruff shampoo, make sure you make a note of what the ingredients are. And even if you don’t have dandruff, a shampoo containing copolymers and acrylates can help cleanse dirt build-up. Your hair will also appear more voluminous.


It may seem not even remotely connected, but if you aren’t getting adequate sleep you could be contributing to losing your hair. You need seven to eight hours of sleep each day. Without proper sleep, your body isn’t able to absorb nutrients you ingest into your body through food. These nutrients are absolutely essential for the health of your hair. Even if you don’t probably feel like it, inadequate sleep makes your entire body unhealthy, not just your hair.

So, grab a comfy pillow and start counting sheep.

The Most Important Factor

Now, this activity requires a significantly conscious effort – switching to a healthy diet. Healthy diet leads to increased vitality and that contributes to healthy hair. Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean shifting to a vegetarian or vegan diet, though opinions differ. The current trend is moving towards a vegan diet, but a healthy diet only refers to a balanced diet that contains all the vital nutrients. According to hair medical professional, or trichologist, Lisa Caddy, deficiency of ferritin (a kind of stored iron) can affect hair growth significantly. You can find ferritin in red meats.

Just how important is healthy eating for your hair?

Health information source Medic8 reveals that your diet must contain fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, bananas, berries, spinach, broccoli and cabbage. Chicken, turkey and lean red meat are important too as are eggs, milk and cheese. And don’t forget fish, nuts and seeds.

Avoid Crash Dieting and Exercising

Crash dieting is particularly harmful for healthy hair. Fancy diet programs may seem to be the right thing to do, but it’s better to keep your body in shape by exercising and adequate eating rather than starving yourself.

When you deny food, you have a tendency to develop serious eating disorders such as anorexia and also cause your body to devote all the little energy it has left for essential functions such as brain and heart functions. This results in your body not spending energy for producing hair. Exercise well or engage in sports, and eat accordingly to keep your body healthy.


Your hair just can’t do without vitamins. Vitamin deficiency could cause a visible difference to your hair. But consuming vitamin supplements is not necessarily the right solution because it can cause other side effects.

It’s important to consult with your doctor before using over-the-counter medication and dietary supplements. A vitamin-rich diet containing vitamins A, B6, B12, C, folic acid, iron, zinc and copper can help in restoring hair density.

Not All Hair Salon Procedures Are Good for You

Do you love hair salon procedures? Well, some salon treatments could actually cause hair loss, says Huffington Post’s Patricia Evans. Procedures such as thermal straightening, perming and coloring could sometimes be too harsh for the hair, causing it to start falling after the session is completed or even while it’s going on.

That’s because the heat and chemicals used in these procedures cause unnecessary strain to your hair roots. So it’s best to avoid such exotic procedures if you’re already experiencing hair loss.

Hair braiding and styling procedures you do at home could also contribute to your hair loss. Techniques such as heavy braiding and weaving, extensions, or even a really tight ponytail worn regularly could strain the roots of your hair.

It’s better to stay away from procedures that strain your hair if you’re already experiencing hair loss, particularly through the hairline. And, try to limit the usage of hot drying and styling tools.

Don’t Stress!

Now here’s something we all deal with, but must learn to control – stress. Any biological disturbance in your body can cause your hair to thin down or get dull. Too much stress also affects your body’s immune system which further causes damage to your hair, particularly a condition called telogen effluvium.

This condition causes hair follicles to settle into a resting mode and in some cases, cause hair to fall out even during washing or brushing. So, try to find ways to eliminate stress. Remember, worrying doesn’t make things any better.

Slowing Down the Inevitable Aging – Stop Smoking, Start Drinking Matcha

Now there is a process that affects the lusciousness and strength of the hair, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it – aging. Aging causes your hair to lose its luster. But something that can hasten aging is smoking.

“Aging Hair” co-editor and medical professional Ralph Trueb conducted a study that proved the relationship between smoking and hair loss. The study reveals that smoking causes damage to the dermal hair papilla. Hair follicle DNA damage caused by smoking could eventually cause hair loss.

Too much exposure to the sun and UV rays also play a part in hair loss, according to Medic8. So if you have a job that demands being out in the sun for considerable amounts of time each day, make sure you use a cap or a hat.

That goes for even when you decide to sunbathe during a vacation or use the pool. The presence of chlorine in swimming pools or salt in sea water can make your hair brittle. Rinse your hair once you’re out of the pool.

And finally- start drinking Matcha tea. One serving of matcha tea is said to have the nutrients of 10 similar cups of regular tea. It’s one of the most easiest ways to add health and antioxidizing benefits to to your diet.

Unlike regular tea, with matcha, you’re drinking the actual tea leaves, that are finely powdered. And the best part- if you’re not a tea drinker, there are tons of matcha recipes that you can try out.

After adapting to the aforementioned lifestyle changes, you will be amazed to see the improvements in the condition of your hair. That’s how connected hair loss and lifestyle are!

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