The Power of Acoustic Wave Therapy Against Cellulite

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It’s the unsightly bumps and lumps all over your skin, but you’re not alone. Cellulite affects up to 90% of women worldwide, and it doesn’t discriminate. Even if you’re in great shape and you’re at your ideal size, you could still suffer from this frustrating condition.

What Is Cellulite?

As you age, the collagen fibers in your skin begin to weaken. Fat cells are then allowed to poke through that space, and they appear just under the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, that means your skin goes from soft and smooth to something resembling an orange peel, and there’s not a lot you can do to prevent the problem. Both genetics and hormones play a role in how much cellulite you deal with over the course of your life. While you can’t really prevent it, though, you can treat it, and acoustic wave therapy is one of the best treatment options available today.

Understanding the Process

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This treatment can be done while you are getting anal bleaching treatment. Acoustic wave therapy is based on the idea that sound waves can actually mechanically destroy fat cells and manipulate the connective tissue so it doesn’t allow the fat cells to peek back through. It uses sound waves to target the weakened connective tissue areas. As you age, that tissue begins to contract, which physically pulls the skin down. The fat cells get closer to the skin, and cellulite appears. Once the sound waves are introduced, though, collagen production resumes at a higher level, and that helps to reduce the cellulite you see. It also helps to strengthen the upper layers of skin, which means a much smoother look overall.

The treatment itself is a very simple one. A handheld device is placed directly against the problem area. That targets the cellulite that you find to be a problem. The sound waves emanate from the device and spread across a wide region, and that, in turn, helps to rejuvenate the connective tissue, break down fat deposits, and make your skin look younger and smoother. Typically, the process should be applied multiple times for optimum results, but the number of treatments required depends entirely on the size of the area you wish to control.

There are very few side effects with this procedure. You may notice some redness in the treatment area, but it typically disappears within a few hours. Most people report almost no discomfort during or after the procedure. You can usually resume your normal activities directly after your appointment.

This procedure is right for most individuals, especially those who have certain body areas that just haven’t responded well to diet and exercise.

You’ll notice the results after the second or third session, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Is It Right For You?

If you’re tired of fighting the cellulite problem, understand this first – you’re not alone. Millions of women deal with this problem day after day. Acoustic wave therapy is ideal in many cases, so book a consultation session and find out if it’s the right way forward for your body.

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