The Perfect Summer Party

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Throwing a summer bash to ring in the new season? Get inspired with this list of ideas to turn a ho-hum party into a rockin’ fiesta without hurting your wallet.

Creative Invitations

Sure, you can call everyone on the phone to invite them to your summer shindig, but creative invitations are a unique way to get the word out without spending a lot of cash.

If you’re throwing a theme party, tailor your invitations to match that theme. If you are just having a generic summer party, however, invest in a bunch of cheap construction paper, foam cutouts, pipe cleaners, markers, glue, and other craft supplies and make up several summer-themed invitations your guests are sure to get a kick out of. If you have kids, enlist their help — they’ll love helping mom plan the perfect party!

Pleasing Centerpieces

Dress up your outdoor tables with a few summary centerpieces that are inexpensive and oh-so-easy to do. For a beachy look, buy a few inexpensive glass bowls, fill with sand and a few seashells, and stick a votive candle in each bowl. When the sun goes down, light the candles for the perfect amount of ambiance to end the day.

Fresh flowers are always a winner as centerpieces, but instead of sticking a bunch in vases, put one or two stems in a clean glass soda bottle for a unique twist. Look for vintage-inspired bottles at antique or thrift stores for an extra special touch.

Make it Buffet-Style

Rather than hosting the traditional summer BBQ, why not make it a buffet-style bash? Designate a table for the food, and let everyone help themselves to burgers, hot dogs, and whatever else you’re serving.

To save time and money, ask each guest to bring one of their favorite summer dishes to share with everyone. That way, everyone is guaranteed to have something they love eating, and you don’t have to take it upon yourself to do all the cooking.

Plan a Game Hour (or two, or three…)

Children will undoubtedly be attending your summer bash, and they’ll easily become bored if there’s nothing age-appropriate for them to do. Luckily, you can get all of your guests involved with fun summer games that will keep everyone happy.

Water balloon fights, tag, or a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt are all great ideas to keep the festivities going and the kids occupied. If you need more summer party games, check out this enormous collection.

Keep Guests Comfortable

Kids and adults alike need to be comfortable in order to enjoy a summer party, so go the extra mile and provide sunscreen, bug spray, and inexpensive spray bottles filled with water so guests can stay cool in the hot sun.

Setting up a gazebo or two will provide much-needed shade, as well. If that isn’t in your budget, purchase one or two large standing umbrellas. Your guests will thank you!

Throwing the perfect summer party doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you follow these tips to creating the perfect environment for adults and kids alike. Armed with these ideas and a little time and effort, your summer bash will be one to talk about well into next summer!

What are your time and money saving ideas for a summer party?

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