The Number One Fashion Rule of All Time

fashion rules

Don’t wear socks with sandals. Avoid visible panty lines. Don’t let your bra straps show. These and other fashion rules are all pretty standard and should be listened to, but there is one rule that I consider to be the top rule of all time; a rule that too many women fail to adhere to, and one that would make them fashionistas no matter what they are wearing.

The Number One Fashion Rule

Wear what makes you feel good! If it sounds too simple, that’s because it is! Too many women overload their wardrobes with the latest trends and fashions, only to let their personal style fall to the wayside. What’s more, just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you.

The key to fashion is more than being a fashionplate for the latest “it” items; instead, fashion should be about individual expression and wearing clothes that make you both feel and look good. If the latest trend doesn’t fall into both of these categories, then you shouldn’t wear it!

Granted, there will be times where you will have to carefully watch what you wear, especially if your workplace adheres to a strict dress code, but otherwise you should be able to wear what you want whether it’s the season’s latest trend or a fad that went out years ago. If your favorite outfit makes you feel like a rock star, then strut your stuff and be proud of your individuality!

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest fashion news however; in fact, fashion magazines are a great place to find style inspiration and experiment with new things you may never have tried otherwise, provided you don’t become a slave to fashion and feel obligated to wear every new trend just because it’s “in.” I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen who take trends completely overboard and throw on every trend-setting piece they own because they think it makes them look good (hint: it doesn’t!).

Don’t get me wrong — it’s absolutely okay to be trendy, provided you feel good about what you’re wearing. It’s not okay to be trendy just because you think you’re supposed to be. Fashion is supposed to be fun, ladies! How much fun can you be having if you’re wearing a bunch of clothes you don’t like simply because the fashion mags told you to?

If you never listen to another fashion “rule” again in your life, keep the number one rule in mind and stay true to your personal style. If an outfit doesn’t make you feel great while you’re wearing it, then it isn’t something you should be wearing! Your clothes should fit well and make you feel beautiful, whether they are “in style” or not!

If you follow this way of thinking, you’ll look like a fashionista no matter what you have on!

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