The Most Sensible Tips for Jock Itch (#1 is The Most Important)

Jock itch may seem like a common skin rash to some of you. But it can turn tides and become annoying if left untreated. It’s a fungal infection that affects your thighs, buttocks, and genital. Science suggests it’s more likely to happen to you if you sweat a lot.

Though it’s not a serious concern because you can prevent or treat it easily. Staying aware of this skin infection to prevent discomfort and itching is essential. This means reading about a few sensible tips for jock itch.

As with skin, one thing always leads to another. And jock itch, which is often categorized as ringworms, can cause barber’s itch or athlete’s foot. It occurs when there’s a certain fungus that grows and multiplies quickly. Damp, sweaty, and warm skin areas are their breeding ground.

To stay in the know, read the following sensible tips for jock itch.

  1. Stay Dry

When the skin around your groin is moist, it can lead to multiple fungal infections. Hence, jock itch is a common problem among men who wear really tight and thick underwear.

What’s the solution?

Buy proper underwear to prevent jock itch. It keeps your genitals dry and cool even in the summer season. So you sweat less down there and feel moisture-free. Sometimes, rough materials can worsen the condition. Opt for breathable fabrics like bamboo, mesh, or cotton.

Nothing is worse than underwear that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. Tight-fitting clothes will irritate your skin, whether you have jock itch or not. And if you do, it could also contribute to spreading jock itch to other parts of the lower body.

This brings me to the next important tip for jock itch.

  1. Always Wear Clean Clothes

By doing so, you not only avoid spreading jock itch. But you also prevent a serious skin infection from occurring. Keep an extra pair of underwear or boxers in handy. Make sure they’ve dried completely so there’s no dampness left.

Even the smallest amount of moisture can lead to the growth of fungus. So your skin is sensitive and prone to sweating, heat build-up, or even itching.

Especially while exercising, make sure you wear a fresh and dry and clean pair of underwear. You may be able to avoid sweat while at home. But at the gym or in a park, it’s inevitable! So these sensible tips for jock itch will help you stay dry and comfortable.

  1. Apply Anti-Fungal Cream

There are plenty of effective anti-fungal creams for mild skin infections. Such as Naftin, Lamisil, or Butenafine. These creams contain anti-fungal properties that are faster-acting at treating jock itch.

However, these are expensive medicine, you can opt for a cheaper alternative. Such as anti-fungal creams containing the compounds miconazole or clotrimazole. Always consult with a dermatologist before investing in the expensive creams.

The only reason why you would prefer the costly ones is because they’re faster. The more affordable creams take longer to work. But the end result is always the same. They prevent jock itch from spreading to other areas and people.

Applying anti-fungal cream is necessary even after the jock itch goes away. This is a preventative measure to make sure it doesn’t come back again.

  1. Do Not Scratch

I think this is one of the most prioritized sensible tips for jock itch. Itching is a common symptom of jock itch. Even more so if it spreads from the groin down to your thighs.

But scratching the affected area will cause inflammation and redness. Your fingernails may damage the surface of the skin leading up to a more severe skin infection.

Good natural remedies to reduce the itchiness is to take a cold water shower. It promises relief but just makes sure you dry up properly. As I mentioned before, any dampness or moisture will ruin everything.

Final Thoughts

The scaly redness of jock itch must be treated immediately. Only a doctor will be able to prescribe an effective course of treatment for you. However, if you’d like to prevent jock itch, these sensible tips for jock itch might help.

It’s the little things like wearing the correct underwear, keeping the skin dry, and not scratching. You could also apply dry powder or take oral medications. But only after consulting with a doctor about the severity of your jock itch.

Preventing and treating jock itch does a lot more than you think. You’re not only avoiding a serious skin infection for yourself. But you’re also preventing it from being contagious. So as soon as you feel a burning sensation in the groin, assume you have a jock itch! And consult a doctor immediately.

Author Bio:

Kathy Harvey is the founder of Undywears and a proud and unabashed underwear expert. The pros and cons of every underwear style are the kind of information that may be easy to come by but are not always correct. So Kathy Harvey creates posts to share and spread underwear tips that are nothing but 100% correct, practical, and effective. The goal is to establish the ultimate underwear 101 guides.

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