The Magical Powers of a Good Smile


Some people wonder why I keep insisting that one should aim to have a good looking smile. Well there is an endless list of the benefits of a good smile. You need to take a look at the top 5 benefits of a good smile. Once you have understood these 5 benefits, you will be looking for ways to improve you smile by visiting your nearest cosmetic dentistry office.

  1. Reduces Stress

Mother Teresa once said “Peace begins with a smile”. Hence we should aim at improving our smiles to ensure that we live up to this famous legend. But how does it work? When pressed down by stress just a smile makes our body feel better, releases the “feel good hormone” which in turn relieves us off the stress.

  1. A Good Looking Smile Improves Your Self Esteem

How you feel about yourself is a very important ingredient towards building your self-esteem. Once you pull a good smile you increase the levels of endorphin – a feel good hormone while suppressing cortisol- a stress increasing hormone. This usually makes you feel good, improves you general well-being and if this continues for a period of time your esteem is built over time.

  1. It’s a Source of Inspiration to Others

Never ignore the power of a smile; you never know how many souls you would have uplifted. The science of a smile has proven a good smile contagious. Once you smile at your colleague at work in most cases they will smile back at you. This brings a source of inspiration in life to face a new challenge. Therefore whenever you feel like sharing that contagious smile, please do for you never know how many souls you’ve inspired.

  1. Increases Likability

“A good smile makes people feel good: People might forget what you did for them, but will never forget how you made them feel”. Whether it is to your junior at work, the coffee attendant where you hang out with your friends or even your boss, pulling that smile increases your likability. People don’t like a frowning face. Whenever you can show them the power of a smile and you will be amazed at the cordial treatment you will always receive from them.

  1. A Good Smile Connects Us with Others

A good smile is a gesture of trustworthiness and friendship. Therefore if we apply it whenever necessary we are building relationships slowly by slowly. Smiling just like a kind word or a listening ear to someone is one of the non-verbal cues that are very vital in building lasting relationships.

A good smile cannot be achieved with a good dental alignment and good looking dental orientation. If we aim at achieving the above Five magical powers of a smile, we should visit a cosmetic dentist to ensure we always pull a great looking smile to friends and colleagues.

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