The Key to Making Patterns and Prints Work for Your Shape

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The fashion industry is always chock-full of trendy prints – from floral to stripes to gingham. But, this this past year, prints seem to be especially in as the floral look from the 90s and other previous generations come back into style.

Prints and patterns are not only trendy, but they also give your outfit that pop of personality and help you stand out in a crowd. A print or a pattern can totally take an outfit from drab to fab. And, they can complement your beautiful, curvy body in a way no other outfit can…

But, likewise, if worn wrong, they can also be the total opposite of what you are going for. Patterns and prints are loud and bold, and it can be difficult to find the right print or pattern for your body shape.

However, with a basic knowledge of patterns and prints, you can utilize them to your advantage and make them a staple in your closet. Just like how black is universally slimming, prints and patterns can be played with to complement the body.

Here are a few general guidelines for making patterns and prints work for your shape:

The Top Two Tips

Like any knowledge, you should start your learning process of making patterns and print works with a building block. And, here is that building block:

  1. Horizontal stripes and large prints increase volume.
  2. Vertical stripes and small prints decrease volume.

How to Dress Your Shape

So, the first key to making patterns and prints work for your shape it to determine what size print and what stripe works best for you. For example, if you have wide hips, try pairing a printed top with solid, dark pants to minimize the focus just to your upper area.

On the other hand, if you have a larger bust and smaller hip, you fit more into the category of an apple shape. Those with an apple shape should highlight the bottom half of their body to help draw some of the attention away from their larger bust.

If you fit this bill, try to rock your patterns on bottom – there are several adorable options out there, from floral pants to plaid skirts. Trust me, there is something for everyone.

The Ultimate Key

The true key to making patterns and prints work for your shape is simply finding what works best for you. Everybody has a body shape unique to them – while you might have several attributes specific to a general body type, we are not cookie-cutter beings.

You can’t simply place everyone’s body shape into one of three categories…

So, it is all about trial and error. Take the top two tips into consideration then play around with a few different prints and patterns.

Once you find what works for you, muster that confidence and strut your stuff!

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