The Instagram Features Are Making it a Social Media Giant


Instagram has now become a giant  with10 million active users. Although some other social media channels have very pretty features. But if we analyze the Instagram features, it looks just like a pack of some kind more attractive and beneficial. So other social media platforms are surprising about their features. They want to adopt the same as orbit change. So we can social media networking has very tuff competition. They need to give adaptation every week. With the best strategy of marketing, you can win many Instagram likes.

Video Features

Millions of Instagram users, use post and feed embedding with filtered photos and videos. Some of the users don’t know about the credibility of videos. Yes, videos are more affected by the other marketing strategy instead of buying the Instagram likes from any third party. Here some terms linked to the video feature. But some restrictions applied for example.

  • Don’t post too lengthy video exceed to ninety-second nor less than 10 seconds.
  • In the video add more filters, beauty features so that it can be viral.
  • Make strong and trending caption use more @ and hashtags to the growth of your follers and links.
  • Always add your location add Instagram live video features.
  • Add hyperlinks to inbound content with other websites.

Live video features

Live streaming of the video is a different experience competition to others. According to the marketing strategy, more influencers to the others. To have more views on Instagram live streaming must be notified to follow others. Here are its work criteria.

  • Go into the setting of your Instagram business account t and press the notification. Now your followers will get a notification that the account going live.
  • Allow your followers to leave comments and likes in real-time videos.
  • Respond to them at the same time, because live streaming can’t be saved.


It is another very exciting feature on an Instagram look inspired by youtube. Because the viewer can see the whole episode of any type of drama. Some people can add a news bulletin etc. This feature gives another milestone another. Instagram business depends on the feature of online content marketing. According to the estimation of business trends, a share of 80 percent of businesses depend on  Instagram.

  • Here is you can upload heavy and high quality.
  • From  15 seconds to 10 minutes is maximum length is the ideal length.
  • You can add 1-minute IGTV videos to the feed also.
  • In 2020, Instagram tv has updated itself to stories easily9:16.
  • You can upload all types of videos with a ratio of 9:16 to 16:9. It means you can upload either vertical or horizontal
  • IGTV can be used for the marketing video of products selling.


Video on Instagram, live streaming feature and Instagram tv is the composition of  Instagram marketing. If these marketing features use with perfect strategy, then it can be a very beautiful and smart option.

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