The Importance of Organic Trace Elements

Just like vitamins and minerals, trace elements contribute to the maintenance of health. Trace elements are minerals that are present in very small quantities in the system. We could say that there is a hint of them or that they are present in an infinitesimal quantity. Some trace elements can even be measured in millionths of a gram! Beware! Quantity is not synonymous with usefulness. The trace elements contribute actively in several transformations in the system. You should therefore make sure that your diet is rich in trace elements of all kinds. However, it is most important for these trace elements to be organic, which means that they should be pre-digested by a plant or an animal. If a trace element is organic, our system will then be capable of assimilating and using it adequately, whereas if it is not organic, our system will have trouble absorbing it.

As a general rule, trace elements do not need to be taken in the form of supplements, because they are usually found in our normal diet in sufficient quantities for us not to be affected by definite deficiencies. However, some trace elements taken in the form of supplements d offer certain benefits. We are thinking here of selenium as an antioxidant, silicon for the bones and chromium to balance the blood sugar level. In addition, some particular cases may possibly require that a trace element be taken in the form of a supplement. Let’s think for example of those suffering from emotional instability and depression caused by a deficiency in lithium.

essential minerals and their functions

For those wishing to improve or maintain their health, a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fresh meat, completed with a supplement rich in multiple trace elements and with a concentrate containing selenium, chromium and silicon should allow them to fully enjoy all the beneficial effects of trace elements.

Food supplements that are rich in organic trace elements: seaweed, pollen, brewer’s yeast, Royal Jelly and oyster shell.

Main beneficial effects of trace elements

Bromine is essential for:

  • calming the nervous system

Cobalt is essential for:

  • the production of red blood cells

Chromium is essential for:

  • the metabolism of sugars and fats
  • the balance of the blood sugar level

Lithium is essential for:

  • the health of the nervous system
  • mental balance

Nickel is essential for:

  • the metabolism of fats
  • the health of the pancreas and of the liver
  • growth

Seleniumis essential for:

  • a complete antioxidant action

Silicon is essential for:

  • a strong bone structure
  • growth
  • healing wounds

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