The Importance Of Nutrients In A Weight Loss Plan

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When people think about losing weight, they will automatically think about cutting back sugars and fats from their diets. Well, while there’s nothing wrong with this part, as it is recommended to do so, it is not a wise thing to completely ban fats from your diet. Of course, we are talking about banning unhealthy fats and introducing healthy fats. A balanced diet, even if it is a weight loss diet, will need to have every group of nutrients present, which also includes fats. This is why in the following lines we will talk about the myth surrounding the lack of fats in a weight loss diet, about the importance of healthy fats for our bodies and health, and how to maintain a great body weight with a balanced diet.

  • Why are fats important?

Believe it or not, our bodies cannot work properly without fats. We need fats because they are a source of energy, they help in the proper functioning of our brain and nerves, they keep the skin looking healthy and soft, they form steroid hormones that are much needed in a variety of processes, and bring in extremely valuable antioxidant vitamins when they are coming from natural foods. Again, we are talking about the healthy fats and not about processed fats. Healthy fats can be found in a variety of natural oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, avocado, peanuts, but also in fish, especially oily fish varieties like salmon and mackerel.

What people must understand is that it is not the fats that are making them “fat”. It is the large amounts of calories they eat every day that is leading to weight problems. In other words, many people eat way too many calories than they actually need throughout the day. This is due to the existence of processed foods, which contained elevated amounts of calories, and a sedentary lifestyle, not giving the organism the chance to burn all the calories it received. So, by taking away fats from your diet will not make you lose weight. In fact, it may be even difficult to lose tummy fat, for example, if you don’t have a proper intake of healthy fats. This is due to the fact that fats play an important role in regulating the body’s functions, including regulating body weight.

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6

You probably know about the famous omega 3 and 6, the fats that are constantly recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Well, these are the healthy fats we are talking about, the ones contained by plants, seeds, nuts, and fish. Known as polyunsaturated fatty acids, both omega 3 and 6 contain essential fatty acids that are so important for our health. While omega 3 can be found in the meat of oily fish, like mackerel, salmon, herring, and other cold water fish, omega 6 can be found in the oil coming from the seeds of various plants. Thus, consumed in a small quantity, these oils and healthy fats are more than welcome in a diet that will not just promote a great health but also a balanced body weight.

  • Conjugated linoleic acid

Speaking of healthy oils, the conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is considered a cousin of omega-3, so it is another fatty acid that is beneficial for our health and state of wellbeing. Many believe that CLA is not just a good source of energy for the body, but also an acid that brings along several health benefits as well. It can help us manage cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, keeps cancer at bay, protects the heart, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and aids in weight loss. Yes, you heard that right, CLA can be a great ally when looking to lose weight. Where can you find it? CLA safflower oil is one of the best sources for this fatty acid. Practically, CLA safflower oil is improved safflower oil, which, in its own turn, has a wide range of benefits to health and weight loss. Thus, you can see this particular oil as a more potent version that will promote an incredible health, boosting your immune system, make you look great by maintaining your skin, hair, and nails healthy and shiny, and will help you get rid of unwanted pounds.

  • A balanced diet

So, as you can see, you need a diet that will allow you to eat a bit of everything, including fats. The HCG diet is one of those diets because it is based on creating healthy eating habits so that once the diet comes to an end, it will be easy to be maintained the achieved weight loss goal. This is why the HCG diet will span over a longer period and will feature various stages that will get your body ready. Practically, in each of these stages, you will learn more about reaching the desired weight loss goal and what to do to keep up the good work. Thus, you will learn how to maintain your weight on phase 3 HCG diet. Also known as the stabilization phase, this stage will teach you what to do to make your body weight stay as desired. As you probably know, the biggest challenge when losing weight is to maintain the results, as many people gain back at least a part of what they lost, if not even all of it. This happens because, for a while, your body weight is not properly stabilized. Well, the HCG diet will show you how to do this right, so you will enjoy the desired body weight for the rest of your days.

While it is true that it is not easy to lose weight and look great, as it involves a lot of work, dedication, and commitment, it is possible to do it without tricks and cheats. It is not even worth trying to cheat, as you will only end up cheating on you. Also, you just learned that it is not true that fats get you fat, as long as you eat the right kind. So, choose to lose weight up to 100 lbs in a balanced, safe, and healthy manner and you will be much happier.

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