The Importance of Massage in Health and Wellness


Professional massages come with enormous benefits since they reduce pain, depression, mood swings, and anxiety. They also help you sleep better and boost your body’s immune system. Your experts of health and wellness in Verona, Kelly DiStefano, MD, and the team at Montclair Rejuvenation Center are dedicated to ensuring you lead a healthy life. Here is an explanation of how body massage works and how you can benefit from having one.

How does massage work?

A massage session begins with the doctor stroking the body. It involves treating the upper layers of your skin and muscles with gentle pressure. Then, more pressure is applied on larger areas of the skin by using the hands.

The expert shifts the hands against each other in a circular motion as the body loosens and warms up. Subsequently, this helps to improve blood flow.

The next step involves kneading the body area to normalize the muscle friction and tension. Circular motions are more effective on deeper areas and the specialist presses the body with their fingertips.

Your doctor may tap the body with the edge of the hands, fingertips, or cupped hands. Finally, the therapist massages the body to loosen any rigidity. This procedure works well for the arms and legs. After that, the body relaxes and you feel more at peace.

How does your body react to a massage?

Massage helps to release muscle tension by warming the body and through various movements. When this happens, the body receptors are activated and stimulate the muscles to relieve tension. By stretching the body parts, the muscles relax and there is improved blood flow to all areas of your body.

Blood circulation helps in supplying your body with oxygen and minerals for your general well-being. It also stimulates your metabolism and lymph flow. Tapping can loosen excess mucus in your respiratory system and help in getting rid of it.

In addition, studies reveal that massage can help in lowering blood pressure. Hence, this is essential in preventing other conditions such as heart attack or stroke. Regular massage also minimizes the risk of kidney failure and heart disease.

How does facial massage work?

During a facial massage, you will feel more mentally relaxed since happiness hormones or endorphins are released. It also reduces pain and stress levels. There are fewer stress hormones that are released and, therefore this boosts your immune system and promotes healing.

Is oil necessary during a massage session?

Your therapist may not need to use oil since specific body parts are targeted during a massage. However, oil can make the skin soft and you will enjoy the session. Similarly, essential oils help in relaxation; for example, lavender helps relax your mind.

Also, mint promotes blood flow and improves your breathing. Other essential items include hot towels or warm pillows that speed up the warmth and, this helps in loosening your muscles.

Doctors use massage therapy alongside other interventions to help individuals cope with everyday life situations. It is also beneficial to your body since it helps avert several illnesses. Contact the experts at Montclair Rejuvenation Center to book your massage and fitness session.

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