The Hidden Role Dental Marketing Companies Play in Oral Health

Everybody hates marketing people because they create ads which we all hate, right?

But there’s more to this. You’d be surprised how dental marketing agencies can actually help you get healthier teeth, all this for free.

After reading this article you’ll love dental marketers!

Here’s the full story.

Why dental patient marketing isn’t what you think it is anymore

In order to get more patients, a dental office needs more patients, right? The practice owner or the office manager usually hires a dental marketing company.

The problem is, dental patient marketing isn’t as easy as promoting a 10$ T-Shirt.


Because choosing a dentist or switching to a new dentist isn’t an easy choice. If a friend doesn’t recommend you a good dentist, the first thing you go is Google, right?

And then what? You’ll find probably a dozen dentists in your town. How do you choose one?

And this leads us to our next important point.

How a dental marketing company contributes to your oral health

A dentist who wants to promote his office, cannot rely only on some ads. Why? Because ads cannot convey very much. It’s hard to tell the full story of your dental practice in an ad. It’s hard to tell why your practice is different and why they should choose you and not another dentist.

And here comes into play a dental marketing company. In order to build trust with potential patients, a marketing agency has to create useful content that solve people’s problems.

I bet you didn’t know this, but, on Google, you can see how many people search for a particular problem.

For example, look how many people search for “how to get whiter teeth”.

By knowing this, an agency can create great content that shows up on Google if you search for those keywords.

But this is not all. In order to further build trust with its potential patients, they can retarget you on Facebook with other useful articles on this same topic.

“What does retargeting mean?”

Once you visit a website, they can follow you on Facebook and show you another piece of information they choose to.

But this retargeting thing isn’t limited only to articles.

For example, if you watch a video on Facebook (let’s say it’s about teeth whitening), they can also show you another video and then another and then another and so on.

You see, these are just some examples of how dental marketing plays quite a big role in the overall oral health. Good marketing isn’t just about chasing people with ads. It’s about building trust. You should always attend marketing conferences to stay up to date with marketing strategies.

And the way you build trust these days is by finding where people hang out (online) and gradually show your expertise.

Next time you read an article on teeth whitening or on how to have healthier teeth, remember that a dental marketer was involved. And of course, the dentist who provides the information.

And, by the way, this is also a practical and great way to choose a dentist. Check out their blog, their social media. Find out what they know, how in-depth they go with their content. Rest assured that a dentist who puts so much effort into online education, will also do the same once you get in their office.

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