The healing:the origin, development and healing of physical and mental disorders in The New German Medicine

The German New Medicine, founded by Ryke Geer Hamer, provides some valuable information about the origin, development and healing of physical and mental disorders. In 1981, Dr. Hamer discovered that every disease is caused by a shock experience that reflects simultaneously in the brain and on the corresponding organ level. The purpose of dr. Hamer’s research work was to create a comprehensive system that allows us to understand what type of conflict causes the onset of a particular disease, how the disease manifests itself in the conflict active phase and in the healing phase, and how all the developments are connected to the brain.

The study conducted by dr. Ryke Geer Hamer structured five biological laws that can be scientifically applied to each and every case of disease:

  1. Every disease is caused by an event with a strong psychological impact that catches an individual completely unprepared.
  2. Every disease proceeds in two phases: a conflict-active phase, when the organism tries to override everyday functioning and focuses entirely on handling the unforeseen situation, living in an extended day-rhythm, and the healing phase, which begins with the resolution of the conflict and comes with a feeling of great relief. If the first stage is characterized by a prolonged stress tonus with sleeplessness, lack of appetite, fast heart beat, elevated blood pressure, low blood sugar, in the healing phase, the vegetative tonus instantly changes to an extended night-rhythm, and fatigue, weakness and a good appetite are typical symptoms.

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  1. The Ontogenetic System of Diseases illustrates how the first two laws are related into the context of embryology. It shows that neither the location affected by the conflict in the brain nor the cell proliferation (tumor) or tissue loss are accidental, but embedded in a meaningful biological system inherent in every species.
  2. The Ontogenetic system of microbes addresses the role of microbes in disease and evolution. According to dr. Hamer, our organs developed over the course of evolution along with very specific types of microbes. Their biological purpose is to maintain all the different tissues and keep them in a healthy state. The New Medicine identifies fungi, bacteria or viruses as loyal helpers that are indispensable for our survival. Useful microbes become active in the healing phase.
  3. The Quintessence: Every disease has to be understood as a “meaningful special biological program of nature” created to solve an unexpected biological conflict.

New Medicine’s strong point is the understanding of the body as unity between psyche, brain and organs, with the psyche working as the integrator of all functions of behavior and all areas of conflict, and the brain acting as the main computer that commands all the response reactions and coordinates the conflict areas and their correspondent organs, to generate sickness or to maintain health. The key to defeat any disease is to attune the psyche, the brain and the physical material to work together for healing.

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