The HCG Diet Package – The Ultimate Fitness Solution


Why Obesity? – Obesity is on the rise and has already assumed endemic proportions in most of the developed world. Rapid cutting edge technological developments have led to an alarming increase in sedentary lifestyles for most of us. Now with the click of a mouse you can conduct all your business transactions online without having to venture out of your house and so forth. Besides the pressures of work and irregular lifestyle patterns have thrown our schedules completely out of whack, leaving us with little or no time to exercise or make healthy lifestyle choices. All this has contributed to a swelling population of unhealthy overweight people around the world.

Most people often resort to quick fix solutions to beat the battle of the bulge. There are various weight loss programs in the market today that claim to be miraculous when in reality they are often run off the mill and are capable of causing drastic long term effects on your health. All is not lost however as there is a miracle diet that will help you lose weight naturally and fast. It’s called the HCG diet and it has been approved by the medical fraternity, dietitians and nutrition experts alike as the safest and most organic way to lose weight.

What does the HCG diet entail?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is basically a hormone which is produced by women in their placenta during pregnancy. The HCG ensures that a pregnant woman’s nutritional and energy requirements are met. In the event that a pregnant woman consumes fewer calories, the HCG would convert the stored fat in her cells into energy in order to sustain the requirements of her body as well as her developing fetus. The HCG weight loss program is based on this fundamental concept and effectively helps an obese person to shed his weight by converting all the accumulated fat in his body into energy.

A person partaking in this diet program would be given an injection containing 125 mg of the HCG hormone on a daily basis. Once inside your body, the HCG hormone would send signals to the hormone regulating portion of your brain called the hypothalamus to begin the process of converting all the accumulated fat stored in your cells into energy.

The HCG diet consists of two phases. Each phase is of 21 days each during which dieters can only consume a max of 500-800 calories. Apart from the dietary restrictions, supplements or injections containing the HCG hormone are given to them over the course of the 42 day period. The calorie restriction of the dieter coupled with the simultaneous depletion of his body fat ensures a dramatic weight reduction which other weight loss programs cannot trump.

Why HCG is different? – The best part about the HCG diet is that it is 100% organic and hence would not have any adverse effects on your health in the long run.  Since its conception in the 1950’s the HCG diet program has emerged as a paragon among weight loss programs and has been hailed as the best natural and effective remedy to lose weight in just 42 days.

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