The Do It All Doctor Bag

What Is a Doctor Bag Best For?

The beauty of the doctor bag is that it balances practicality and versatility with an air of individuality and style. Larger than a handbag but not as cumbersome as a backpack it says I have things to do and I am going to look fabulous doing them. In short, it is best for the best of both worlds.

Space for Life’s Little Surprises

You are spoilt for space with this bag, it has room for your laptop and everyday handbag essentials along with any random moderately sized shizzle you might need in case the day takes a delightfully unexpected turn. Lamps and mirrors might be a push, but it certainly gives you that same sense of practical perfection – the ability to shape a situation and the freedom to go with the flow knowing that all your creature comforts are on hand.

Tidy Bag, Tidy Mind

Ironically, you might say there is an element of self-care to owning a doctor bag: space allows you to organize your stuff, either using built-in compartments or your own preferred methods.

Extraordinary for Everyone

The concept of doctor bags might be attractive if you’re into history, medicine, or vintage, but you don’t need any extraordinary interests to simply enjoy owning something a bit different.

Students, professionals, and freelancers spring to mind as perfectly placed to own one of these – those wanting to whip out a laptop in a moment of inspiration, finish coursework over coffee, or head for a cocktail from the office; this really is an option for anyone wanting an all-in-one bag.

Be Prepared, Be Empowered

Delayed train? Traffic? Stuck in a waiting room? This bag of tricks changes these frustrating situations into handy chances for a bit of extra work or play.

Material Considerations

This is an item that could serve you well for a long time. You want it to be sturdy, reliable, and durable, so shop for the best quality you can afford or keep it in mind for a special treat.

What About Alternatives?

The main competition is the tote or shopper. These are worthy alternatives to consider if you want quick, easy access but aren’t as bothered about the privacy and security of your contents. If you are carefree, clumsy, a city dweller, or carrying precious cargo the secure closure of a backpack or doctor bag will be a safer bet for your beloved belongings. Plus, everyone has totes.

Backpacks are great and should be considered for heavy loads, large laptops, or anyone needing ergonomic support, but they can be awkward to get into, requiring a frenzy of flailing to get them in front of you, followed by a dive of uncertain grasping whilst awkwardly angling the thing to prevent escapees falling from the gaping flap. A doctor bag on the other hand is always by your side, and if you get one with a shoulder strap your hands will be free to dip in and out without a fuss.

Should You Try It?

Why not?! What’s not to love?! It’s a classic but quirky concept with the potential to be your next fantastic but faithful all-rounder.

Fab Features

  • Functional, flexible, and fun
  • Convenient but classy
  • Multi-functional all-rounder
  • Dress it up or down
  • Structured and secure
  • Great for travel and commuting

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a new general-purpose bag a do it all doctor should be a major contender on your wish list. Now all you need to do is choose a color! Happy shopping!

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