The Common Perimopause Symptoms to Expect

At some point in your life, probably around 45 years old, you should start to enter perimenopause. It may happen earlier or later, for most, it is the mid 40’s. You have probably heard that the symptoms that go along with it are not very pleasant. That is true. However, they are manageable, more on that at the end. Following is a brief description of some of the most common to symptoms expect during perimenopause.

1. Hot Flashes

These can happen anytime at anyplace regardless of the temperature you are in. You will suddenly start to feel hot and even sweat. Your face may even turn red during this symptom felt by many. Your body temperature suddenly spikes due to alterations in your hormones. They may last between 30 seconds up to a few minutes then they will subside. They are not harmful to you, just very uncomfortable.

2. Night Sweats

This is the same cause as the hot flashes, but as the name implies it happens in your sleep. It is very common and a cause for you to suffer from insomnia while you are going through menopause. You will suddenly wake in the middle of your sleep, soaking wet with sweat.

3. Irregular Menstrual Cycles

During perimenopause, your ovulation begins to decrease as you enter menopause. As this happens the intervals in between can vary, you may even miss a month. The flow volume may vary. Also, some may be heavy others light. The duration of the cycle may last 2 to 3 days or up to a week.

4. Mood Swings

A lot of women start to get moody as they get closer to menopause. Depression, anxiety and getting easily upset are common emotional reactions you may experience. As you experience physical symptoms and the challenges you face with them, it is completely natural to start to have some mental symptoms. This is normal and can be expected of anyone going through some physical comfort.

5. Urinary Problems

As the hormone levels fluctuate, your bladder is going to react possibly. You could experience the need to urinate even while sleeping frequently. Lack of control could also be issues you may find leaks occurring whenever you do something physical. Urinary tract infections are also possible.

6. Lack of Libido

Some factors involving perimenopause could cause this. Your lack of desire may come from the mental symptoms you are facing. It very well could be from the physical symptoms like vaginal dryness where having sex is not enjoyable. The good thing here is to help your partner know what you are experiencing. You would be surprised how many men would be unaware of why this happens.


These were some of the most common menopause symptoms that most women experience. You may see others as well; there are over 30 that doctors term perimenopause symptoms. As mentioned there is a perfect relief formula available today that will help you through this difficult process. Some herbal supplements have been developed that help your body to recover the lost hormone levels by being able to produce them from natural ingredients. If you can replace the hormones, you can eliminate the symptoms, and this has been proven to work.

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