The Common Oral Habits That Will Damage Pearly Smile

Bad healthy habits adversely affect our teeth and hence smile. Here are some tips and things you must avoid for a healthy smile. In this busy life, we hardly get time to brush our teeth. Most of us might not floss the teeth. Experts say it is important to floss at least twice a day.

However, even if you floss once, it well help you to maintain the oral health. Flossing regularly will remove the unwanted bacteria from the mouth. Bleeding and irritation are quite common. However, you will become habitual with the technique.

What you could avoid?

We all know about the harm beverages and drinks cause to the outer layer of enamel. Citrus fruits and wine are not good for the teeth. If you brush the teeth immediately after eating such unhealthy food items, it will make the things even worse. You will be actually brushing the acid in the teeth instead of removing it from the mouth. To prevent the pearly shine, you can simply wash the teeth with crystal clear water. Wait for at least half an hour before brushing. By this time, the acid will slowly eliminate.

You have to understand that older a tooth brush becomes, the more ineffective it is for the mouth. The harmful bacteria present in it can cause various infections. Hence it is best to change it once in every three months. Some of us might bleach our teeth to make them look whiter and brighter. However, such kind of unnatural bleaching will do nothing but increase sensitivity of teeth.

Is it safe to use bleaching products?

These days, at- home bleaching products are easily available in the market. They must be used with proper precautions and under the advice of experts. You must consult dentist properly. The experts will recommend you the best bleaching system that will suit your teeth the most.

You have to be little careful while choosing the toothbrush. Hard bristle brushes are not always a good choice. If you follow an aggressive brushing technique they will damage your teeth badly. The right technique is to brush them at a 45 degrees angle in the circular motion. You could even use a softer brush to make the things better. If you follow the back and forth, swing motion while brushing, it will damage the upper layer of teeth.

If we do not get a scissor around, many of us use our teeth to open chips or a ketchup packet. This is wrong as it lays pressure on our teeth. If you ask a dentist, they will never suggest you to do anything like that. In many cases, it can even fracture a tooth. It could be really painful thing. Such cracks or fractures ultimately lead to the tooth decay.

The youngsters often get lip, cheek and tongue piercing done. This sounds and looks cool in the initial years. However, it could cause oral infections. It often damages the tissues. Hence you must think twice before getting such a thing.

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