The Best Type Of Exercising


We live in an age where the majority of our jobs require working on a computer. That leads to us sitting in front of a screen for hours on end, regardless of what exactly our job entails. Now, we’ve all heard how ‘sitting is the new smoking’ and that we shouldn’t be doing that for prolonged amounts of time, yet it’s hard to put that into practice. Modern smartphones, smartwatches, and similar devices have apps that can be programmed to remind us to get up, stretch, or walk around for a bit, which can be a huge help long-term, yet we often ignore that and ‘just a minute until I finish this’ turns into hours until we realize we’ve been sitting the whole day, again. Even if you’re playing those incredible sex games you’re still probably stationary in some chair.

On the other hand, all kinds of different ways of sitting have been popping up. Cleverly designed chairs, balls for sitting, and even standing desks are all viable alternatives to harmful sitting yet more and more studies keep appearing explaining how that doesn’t even help as much as we’d like. And, while sitting is extremely bad, even when we’re moving around, we’re trying to do that as little as possible. Cars and public transports are what we resort to more and more. Some people are so lazy and dependant on vehicles that they use them to go places which are just a couple of minutes of walking away. All of this, and much more that makes our everyday lives, makes exercising more important than ever.

The first thing that needs to be said is that, regardless of what kind of exercise you prefer, anything is better than nothing. If you were actually sitting around all day, even going for a shorter walk is better than nothing. Of course, that’s not to say simply walking for a bit is enough. If that’s where you started, you should keep up the momentum and progress further. Another important thing that connects to the first one is that, unless you are a professional athlete, you have the freedom of doing whatever you like. There will always be pros and cons to different types of workouts but, if you love doing something, chances are much higher you’ll actually persist with it. It’s like with those adult sex games – the good ones keep you coming back over and over.

The final piece of advice, for those who don’t have preferences and are looking to maximize benefits, is to do research. Current studies find that, while it’s the most helpful to do a bit of everything, if you only have time and willpower to focus on one thing, anaerobic exercises beat aerobic ones in terms of benefits. That means that your body will be healthier if you spend an hour in the gym lifting weights and working out, than going out for a jog. However, the best recommendation is to do both.

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