The Best Hiking Trails Around The World That Can Give You A Great Hiking Experience

You’ve been introduced to the wonders of hiking by your athletic friend. It all started when she asked you to tag along with her group’s hiking trip on a trail near your area. Although hesitant, you decided to go, and you’ve never regretted doing it. You’ve quickly become inclined to hiking because, for one, you get to see new places and second, it’s a very good exercise, without you even noticing it! You think that it’s also a great way to de-stress from the hassles and bustles of the city. After that hike with your friend, you’ve decided to do this every weekend.

You’ve been to every hiking trail in your city, that’s why you’re scouting out for new trails. You’ve asked your friends for referrals, and you even started searching online. If you still haven’t made up your mind for your next hiking trail adventure, read on for the best hiking trails from around the world that should be on your bucket list

Best Hiking Trails From Around The World

  1. Inca Trail in Peru

If you want to hike on one of the most famous trails in the world, don’t forget to put this on your list. When you hike here, expect that you’ll be going through 26 miles of grueling inclines and declines. It’s hard to find any flat surface here – perfect if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Aside from the trail itself, you’ll be in awe with sceneries of ruins, jungles, and mountains on Inca Trail. You’ll be able to reward your eyes and your legs with this trail. But it doesn’t stop here. Your hike will end in Machu Picchu, a citadel situated 2,430 meters above sea levels.

  • Best time to go: May to September
  • Distance: 26 miles
  • Time: 4 days
  1. Appalachian Trail in Georgia to Maine, United States

Do you need a break from a stressful week at work? When you hike on the Appalachian Trail, you get 5-7 months of a stress-free environment. This might be the best trail for you if you just want to get away with all the negativities around you, all you need is a good tent or a bivy sack. This trail has been considered as the longest marked footpath in the world. It covers 14 states, and it requires a lot of planning. So, you should think carefully if you want to take this hike because it’s not an easy feat. Remember that you’ll be spending months in the open.

  • Best time to go: All year round
  • Distance: 2, 180 miles
  • Time: 5-7 months
  1. Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

Every hiker in the world dreams of going to the peak of Mount Everest. And if you’re one of those hikers, the Everest Base Camp trek will be a good stepping stone for you. Unlike other hiking trails, you get to experience more than just the sceneries – you’ll have a glimpse of the unique Sherpa culture. You’ll pass through monasteries and museums along the way. You’ll be able to go through several swing bridges and indulge colorful prayer wheels. Your evenings will be topped off with conversations with the locals around the dining-room fire.

  • Best time to go: March to May, September to November
  • Distance: 70 miles
  • Time: 16 days
  1. Bay of Fires in Australia

Thinking of getting your feet wet during the hike? The Bay of Fires in Australia can do that for you. If you decide to take this trail in your next hiking adventure, it’ll be something for you. Instead of going through different mountains, your hike will be on the endless beaches of white sand and turquoise-colored sea water. You can decide to have stops along the way and dive into the water.  Or if you want to stay the night near the beaches, setting up tents nearby will be a good idea. You’ll be hummed by the waves to sleep. It’s literally a break from the ordinary.  And yes, the scenery here will look breathtaking in your Instagram posts.

  • Best time to go: October to May
  • Distance: 16 miles
  • Time: 4 days
  1. Mountains of the Moon in Uganda

Consider Africa in your next hiking trip because there’s a lot to explore here. Mountains in the Moon is the highest range in Africa which measures over 16,000 feet. If you want to get a better look at the wildlife there, you should definitely hike here. Aside from the luscious green views, you’ll have a face-to-face encounter with high altitude glaciers and of course, the elephants! You’ll be going one with nature and while gaining new friends from the animal kingdom – that sounds like a very great deal.

  • Best time to go: December to March
  • Distance: 38 miles
  • Time: 6-7 days


There are numerous hiking trails around the world which you can choose from. No matter what your skills are and your needed adrenaline, you’ll be able to find what you want from this list. You just need to carefully look into each of this to determine which hiking trail could give you that great hiking experience.

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