The best diet ever! 10 pounds skinnier in 5 minutes :)

After eating only healthy foods and exercising religiously each day, you’ve got really close to your ideal weight. There are only 10 pounds left to lose. How can you get rid of them in an instant?
Simply!  Any woman can look 5, 10, even 15 pounds slimmer automatically by simply using wardrobe as a secret weapon. You won’t be actually losing weight, but you can look a lot thinner while you’re in the process of slimming down.
 Where to start? Start from your mirror.  losing weight tips
Step 1. Adopt a good posture.
This is the easiest way to look five pounds lighter. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders and your chin parallel to the ground. Level your hips and tuck your tailbone to find a neutral spine position. Keep your feet parallel.
Step 2. Choose properly fitting bras and other “foundation garments.”
Bras and tummy-control underwear in the proper sizes can make your waist slimmer and smooth out your silhouette.
Step 3. Take a critical look at your image in the mirror to determine where the extra pounds are situated, what is your body shape, what is the proportion the proportion between your top half and bottom half.
All these information can help you create a balanced figure. “Your goal should be to achieve a visually balanced, symmetrical look between top and bottom so when you look at yourself in the mirror you see an unbroken line, and no one area jumps out,” says celebrity stylist Laura Siebold, director of
Pear, inverted triangle, straight, or hourglass are the basic body shapes. For example, for a full-hipped, small chest pear body shape, you need a dark, simple skirt and a playful, bold blouse on top. Broad-shouldered triangles might consider more of a fitted top and a fun, flared skirt. Hourglass and straight body types can invest in belts to highlight or create waistlines. Choose wisely because it is in your power to fool the eye! A dress with dark side panels can narrow your frame or color-blocked garments can give you some shape. Strategically placed prints can easily enhance or minimize your figure.
Step 4. Choose appropriately sized clothing
You will look larger if you’re trying to squeeze into a too-small outfit or are draped in a big-top tent.
Step 5. Draw eyes toward your best feature and away from your problem zones — if a thick middle is the problem, for example, wear a skirt that shows off your shapely legs.
Step 6. Pick up some eye-catching accessories— scarves, pins, handbags, shoes.
Accessories can help you look great before, during, and after you lose weight. They will draw attention to them and you will be the only person aware of the 5 extra pounds from your butt.
Step 7. Choose high heel shoes
They will always make you look taller and skinnier.
Now you know all the steps! Walk confidently!

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