The best day to start a diet

“Tomorrow I will start to diet. I will eat less and I will exercise more”. How many times did you make this pledge?  Tomorrow came and you pledge for the next tomorrow…. But when is the best “tomorrow”? What is the best day of the week to start a new diet?

A poll of 2,000 people conducted by the U.K. Company Tesco Diets revealed that the worst day to start a diet seems to be Tuesday. Most people who start the diet on Tuesday have failed by Friday. The survey also claims that dieters who had started the diet on a Sunday did better overall.  The reason why the diet is more successful when started on Sunday is because people are more motivated during weekends or at the beginning of the week, on Monday.

Saturdays and Sundays seem to be the best days for starting a diet, because most of the people are at home, away from school or work, and they have two days to focus on starting the diet by buying the ingredients for the daily menu. They have enough time to empty the cabinets and the refrigerator of all the sweet, fatty and unhealthy foods and to go to the supermarket and buy mainly healthy, low-fat, low-sugar or sugar-free foods. Choosing a Saturday or Sunday also gives more time to begin exercising, too.

Even if it sounds funny to condition the success of your diet to a specific day of the week, it is true that when you have set and defined a goal, it is most probably to have a better result.  You can certainly gain an advantage for your diet plan when you pick the next Saturday, the next Monday, or, even more special,  your birthday or the first of next month as a first day of your diet. A realistic and personalized goal is crucial to dieting success.starting diet

Besides choosing wisely the day to begin the diet, a little more extra motivation could come from one person you may choose to remind you of your promise to begin the diet on a specific day or date. This person will not allow you to slide or fail on your diet, forcing you to stick with your weight-loss plan.

Use any possible trick to motivate you with the diet, because, in the end, changing your eating habits can be a hard challenge whatever day of the week.

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