The Best Ayurvedicvic Beauty Tips

Looking for a way to make yourself beautiful inside and out? Not only will a good diet help you stay younger for longer, but Ayurvedic beauty tips and techniques will help you maintain your natural beauty in a safe and holistic way.Ayurvedicvic Beauty Tips

What is Ayurvedic Beauty?

Ayurveda is a time-tested and true way to maintain your beauty. This Indian form of holistic healing has existed for well over 5000 years, yet the Western countries are just now beginning to become aware of just how much Ayurveda can help them maintain their attractiveness and good looks.

Ayurveda more than focuses on creams and lotions to help keep you glowing and vibrant; it primarily focuses on eating and maintaining a balanced diet, which will aid in proper digestion and elimination of waste. Ayurveda beauty contends that the foods you eat will dictate how healthy your skin will be. Break outs, poor skin tone and any other number of skin issues are attributed to what one puts in his or her mouth.

Different Ayurveda Skin Types

Vata-type skin: “Vata” skin refers to any skin that is dry, sensitive and thin. Dull and wrinkled skin also falls into the “vata” category.

Pitta-type skin: Those who have warm, red skin that regularly suffers from break outs (due to the foods you eat) and that is sensitive are said to have “pitta” skin.

Kapha-type skin: Anyone with oily, easily clogged skin that routinely has break outs has what Ayurveda would define as “kapha” skin.

Treatment for Different Skin Types

The treatment you undergo depends on which of the three skin types above you have. As a general rule, all skin types will benefit from lightly steamed green vegetables, carrots, and fresh fruits. These help restore the skin and keep it hydrated.

Ayurveda beauty also always focuses on consuming as much water as your body demands, though the amount that you require differs by skin and body type. Listen to your body and drink either slightly more or slightly less than the generally recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

Vata Skin
Vata skin will benefit from:

  • Consuming and using healthy fats to help restore one’s natural “luster”. Ayurveda recommends butter, however you can also use oils such as olive and sesame oil, and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vata skin types will benefit from black pepper, ginger, and turmeric

Pitta Skin
Those with this skin type should always stay away from spicy foods so as to avoid skin irritation and increased redness. Some things that will help those with Pitta skin include:

  • Creating a rose petal “jam” by crushing multiple rose petals and mixing it in warm milk, and then applying it to one’s face.
  • Pitta skin benefits from fennel and licorice spices

Kapha Skin
Those who have oily, “kapha” skin will benefit from the following:

  • Consume fresh ginger that is mixed in with some lemon juice right before enjoying any meal
  • Kapha skin benefits from more pungent spices, such as pepper, ginger, garlic, and turmeric

Most of the lotions and moisturizes that can be topically applied to your skin involve some sort of milk or dairy product. Now that you know your skin type and what you should generally be looking for in an Ayurvedicvic beauty product, you will be able to easily choose an Ayurvedicvic skin regime that’s right for you.

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