The Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer

personal trainer

We all know that exercise is healthy, but most of us need a little more motivation to get going – and a lot more motivation to keep going. Worse yet, performing exercises the wrong way can actually be more harmful than not exercising at all.

If you’re fed up with exercise programs and gimmicks that you can’t stick with, or simply don’t work, it’s time to consider a personal trainer. A professional trainer will work with you, ensuring that your workout routine is safe and smart – and created just for you.

What a Personal Trainer Will Do for You

Create a Personalized Exercise Plan

All bodies are not created equally. We have individual strengths and weaknesses. We come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and states of health. It doesn’t make sense to think that there is a one-size-fits-all exercise program.

A personal trainer will be your team leader. A qualified trainer will begin by asking about your health, personal goals, and any specific training you require. To evaluate your level of fitness and skill, he or she will observe as you exercise. These details will form the basis for an exercise program personally tailored to suit your health and lifestyle needs.

A personal trainer will recognize strains and injuries and will guide you in working around them to avoid further injury. Your program may include home exercise, gym membership, and group sessions. Depending on your needs, your trainer may be with you every step of the way, or simply check in on you periodically.

Give You One-on-One Instruction

Many an injury has occurred because of improper technique. Pain and injury are discouraging, causing people to abandon their exercise routines. Unfortunately, many never return.

With a personal trainer, you’ll get first-hand instruction and in-person demonstrations on how to perform exercises and use equipment the right way. Your instructor will observe and correct mistakes. If you are unable to do your exercises, or if you have an injury, your trainer can work with you or create alternate exercises.

You’ll maximize your workout by working efficiently and safely. No more wasted effort, no more wondering if you’re doing it right. You’re more apt to stick with a program that you understand.


It’s hard to continue working out when you don’t have a long-range plan and you’re not certain you’ve made any progress. Routine is an important factor and so is feeling accountable to your trainer. It’s tempting to skip your workout if no one is watching – it’s much more difficult to skip if you know someone is keeping tabs.

Your personal trainer will routinely reevaluate your program and make necessary adjustments. He or she will help you to set achievable goals and will monitor your progress. You’ll have a clear picture of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Perhaps just as importantly, you’re more likely to enjoy the journey. Now that’s motivation.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Many health clubs and training facilities have personal trainers on staff, or will offer recommendations. Before you take the plunge, do your homework.

  • Inquire about qualifications, certifications, and experience.
  • Ask for and check references.
  • Make sure you understand a trainer’s policies and procedures, and that you are comfortable with them.
  • Personality matters. Do you need a drill sergeant or do you prefer a friendlier approach? Make sure you choose someone you can work with and who has your best interests in mind.

After you’ve hired your personal trainer, make every effort to cooperate and to give it time to work. Remember that it’s about long-term health and wellbeing. Think of it as a lifestyle. One week or one month is simply not enough to evaluate results, so be in it for the long haul.

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