The Benefits Of Seeing A Holistic Dentist Eugene OR

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If you think dentists only care about your oral health, you’re mistaken. In the field of health, holistic dentistry could be coined as the belief that oral health is an integral part of the overall health of a person’s body. With emphasis on the word “whole,” holistic dentistry takes into account the condition of the entire body and how it is affected by the health of the mouth.

To achieve optimum wellness, let us not forget that the mouth provides us a lens to view the current state of our bodies.

Poor oral health usually means a flaw in the nutritional or physiological state of the body. Think of it like this: several ruined teeth may suggest you consume too much sugar. Now, think about what a diet high in sugar can do to your body. Think of the repercussions that could occur once you continue living such practice. Too much sugar doesn’t just give you bad toothaches—it could lead to all sorts of problems for the body.

What Holistic Dentists Do

Holistic dentists are firm believers of the mouth-body connection and how the mouth can serve as an entry point towards the rest of the body. Compared to traditional dentists, a holistic dentist is more focused on the overall wellness of the body, not just the mouth. The techniques and materials used by a holistic dentist are considerate of the patient’s mouth and body. With this, the use of mercury and other materials deemed unsafe is abhorred. Instead, holistic dentists like Cris Dentist make use of safer alternative biological materials devoid of toxins, unlike traditional dentistry.

What Benefits Can You Get From Holistic Dentistry?

There are several benefits to seeing a holistic dentist in Eugene, OR. Here are just a few:

  1. Holistic dentists give importance to your individual needs.

Holistic dentists do practice general dentistry and have undergone the same training and education as traditional dentists. But one of the biggest benefits you can get out of seeing a holistic dentist is how they take into consideration the individual needs of their patients and create a treatment plan that would meet those specific needs.

Not every person is the same and holistic dentists understand the importance of assessing a person’s individual preferences and needs. What sets them apart from traditional dentists is that you can be assured that toxins and harmful substances are eliminated from their prescribed treatment plan since this is the central principle of holistic dentistry.

  1. Holistic dentists help enhance your body’s defenses.

Preventive care is the core of holistic dentistry. With the use of the latest technology and an alternative approach to dentistry, holistic dentists aim to maximize your body’s defense system. Since the mouth provides entry to numerous toxins and pathogens, keeping the mouth healthy is one of the best ways to fight against diseases and health problems in your life. With a holistic dentist, you can do just that.

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  1. Holistic dentists minimize the use of toxins.

Mercury is known as the second most dangerous toxin in the world just behind plutonium, constantly releasing vapor throughout the day. Because holistic dentists believe that traditional dentistry makes use of too much toxins, they aim to minimize that by using air, water filters, and materials that contain no mercury, fluoride, and latex. This is also why holistic dentists avoid using amalgam fillings, which are 50 percent mercury.

  1. Holistic dentists do not often use X-Rays.

X-Rays are known to cause harmful radiation, which is why holistic dentists avoid using them as much as possible. But when they do use X-Rays, they make use of the digital kind rather than the traditional one because they are less harmful and more effective during examinations.

  1. Holistic dentists care about your overall wellness.

Since holistic dentistry is not just about your teeth and gums, it’s all about optimum wellness. To achieve optimum wellness, you can’t just be focusing on one aspect of your health. Holistic dentists strive to help their patients achieve optimum wellness and with this, they may also provide treatments like nutritional counseling and therapy that can help minimize the bacteria that inhabit the mouth, aromatherapy, and acupuncture, among others, while using natural and safe solutions.


Your oral health is greatly linked to your overall health. Knowing this fact, holistic dentists aim to provide their patients with treatment that would not only sustain their oral health but achieve optimum wellness as well. Holistic dentists generally practice dentistry while taking the safe, alternative, and natural route. Truly, there are many benefits to seeing a holistic dentist and if you’re all about wellness, then they’re the ones to consult.

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