The Benefits of Outdoor Exercises for Kids

outdoor exercises for kids

The average child today logs around seven hours a day in front of digital forms of entertainment such as computers, televisions and video games and they aren’t often aware of the negatives effects this can play of their lifestyles.

There are many benefits that come from being active outdoors and the benefits don’t just stop at health. An active lifestyle can lead to benefits in personal and work lives. Below are just a few of the most important benefits on an active lifestyle.

Healthier – It is recommended that we get at least 5 hours worth of exercise a week to ensure we are fit and healthy. Exercising outdoors has numerous health benefits. It can help keep kids trim and healthy; it can ward off obesity and reduce the risk of them developing diabetes later in life.

Creativity – Being outdoors can help children increase their creativity skill, encouraging them to be more independent and explore helping them to develop their skills.

Social – Social skills are also developed through being outside and interacting. Hours spent inside can have negative effects on children’s social skills.

Stress reduction – Regular exercise has real benefits on stress levels. Getting out and active can help fight depression and encourage positive thinking.

More energy – Children that exercise more have generally higher energy levels, meaning they are considerably more focused and attentive, which leads onto the next point:

Better school performance – Exercise helps to increase attention span, and coupled with higher energy levels this can really help improve performance at school.

Better sleep habits – As we all know, exercise also benefits children in terms of sleeping patterns meaning they are much more likely to have a better night’s sleep if they have had plenty of exercise in the day, and good sleep is vital for good health.

Considering these factors you can see how beneficial getting outdoors regularly can be. So next time your kids sit down to watch TV, encourage them to get outdoors and having fun.

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