The benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a caffeinated traditional beverage that is produced by the buds, stems, and leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. Although, the leaves of the same plant are consumed in manufacturing the green and the black tea the procedure of oolong tea differs from black and green tea.

Oolong tea is produced by withering the plant in intense sunlight and then it is oxidized. It is packed with vital vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium along with vitamin A, C, and E. there is the broad range of benefits attributed to oolong tea. It strengthens the immune system, beneficial to cancer treatments, reduction of strength and improvement in brain function.

Oolong tea and weight loss

Apart from being beneficial to the overall health, the oolong tea also helps in losing weights. It eases in shedding pounds and maintaining the body weight with regular diet.

Boost Metabolism

Oolong tea consists of a large number of antioxidants and aids in increasing the metabolism rate by 10%. The increase in the rate of metabolism leads to more fat burning resulting in eventual weight loss.

Lowers cholesterol

The consumption of oolong tea produces polyphenol molecule due to its semi-oxidized nature. It activates lipase enzyme. This enzyme lowers the overall cholesterol in the body and dissolves the fat. The entire process aids in weight loss.

Eliminates abdominal fat

Oolong tea reduces the fat deposits in the arm and around the abdominal area. The antioxidants present aids in reducing the LDL cholesterol that is harmful to the body.

Balances the blood sugar level

The increase in the blood sugar levels leads to weight gain. Controlled blood sugar level leads to weight loss. Oolong tea aids in maintaining healthy blood glucose level. The polyphenols balance the sugar levels.

Increased energy utilization

It contains large amount of phytochemicals that enhance the utilization of the energy. It minimizes the fat and the absorption of fat. These aids in shedding extra pounds if it is consumed on a regular basis.

Consumption of oolong tea

Oolong tea can be consumed in a variety of methods.

1- It can be consumed by mixing a teaspoon of oolong tea in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Consume the tea after straining.

2- Boil a cup of water. Put a teaspoon or two in the tea infuser and let is steep for 2-6 minutes in the water. Drink it twice a day.

3- Add a tablespoon of green and oolong tea in a cup of hot water and let it steep for 10 minutes. Allow the liquid to cool and consume.

4- Steep the oolong tea bag in boiling water for one minute. Take out the tea bag and drink the tea. The tea bag can be used again, but it will be needed to steep for longer than one minute.


Excess consumption of oolong tea can result in various side effects. The tea consists of fluorides, excess can lead to high level of fluorides. It might result in skeletal fluorosis. Excess can also cause hypokalemia and upset stomach. It is advised to consult your healthcare provider before consumption of oolong tea.

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