The Benefits of Gaining Weight

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The media tells us women to be skinny. They send out the message that super-thin is the only way to be beautiful and attractive. They portray the illusion that skinny girls are happy and have the best that life can offer.

Not true!

I have hit that point in my life where my metabolism has slowed down and my body is no longer that of a stick-thin teenager. I’ve gained weight. What seems like should be an unfortunate event has turned out to be the opposite for me. Here’s the formerly skinny girl’s guide to why it’s not so bad to put on a few pounds.

Bra Shopping is Easier

I used to be a 32D. Do you have any idea how impossible it is to find a 32D? Manufactures think that skinny girls don’t have breasts. They assume that if you’re a 32 band size you must be an A cup. That’s not true! While there are a few places where you can indeed find specialty sizes, even when I did find a bra the right size it was usually expensive. Now that I’ve put on some weight I can shop for bras in the usual places, such as Target, and I can even get a good deal.

Misses Sizes Fit

I used to be relegated to the juniors section to find clothes that fit. When wanting to develop a more grown-up style to my wardrobe, it was challenging since the only misses sizes that would truly fit would be an XS. Much of the clothing in misses start at a size small. It was frustrating to want something and not be able to get it in my size. Now it’s easy to waltz into the misses section, thumb through the options, and pick up what I’d like to buy.

I look like a Woman, not a Teenager

Some women may find it flattering to be mistaken for a teenager when they are in their 20’s. But when you find yourself in situations where you are not being taken seriously because people assume you are younger due to your petite stature, it’s not so fun. Having gained weight, and especially in the areas that portray fertility, I finally look my age, or at least close to it. Thank goodness I still look young, just not too young.

The Male Factor

Men love curves. It’s human nature. The curves of a woman’s body show her fertility. A man is naturally and subconsciously attracted to fertility. Skinny girls can have trouble being fertile, since we all know that it takes healthy body fat to menstruate. Therefore, as much as the media tries to say that guys prefer skinny girls, the reality is that men naturally prefer women of a healthy weight. My husband is actually happy about the weight I’ve gained. I look healthier and therefore more attractive to him.


I’m at a healthy weight. I’ve looked it up on a few healthy weight charts and I’m right where I’m supposed to be. While at first I was not happy with gaining weight, realizing that this is healthy has helped me to accept it. Hearing compliments from family and friends about my weight has also helped. Seeing a few recent (albeit flattering) pictures of myself helped me to realize that the compliments were accurate; I do look healthier and therefore better-looking. It’s not easy going through a physical change, but learning self-acceptance is a valuable lesson — an even greater accomplishment, rising above the ridiculous media messages and learning what healthy looks like.

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