The Benefits of Eating Smaller Portions When on Diet

Was it one of those months when you tried dieting but failed at it miserably? In fact, we could bet that you consumed even more calories than you used to do before dieting. Don’t worry because this is the problem with around 80 percent of the people who are dieting. They do start with a strong determination but their diet plans begin falling apart in less than a week.

One of the prime reasons for their failure is that they do not have any idea about what dieting actually entails. For many, dieting is consuming less food but dieting in reality is consuming fewer calories. People give up on their dieting schedule because their body begins to rebel and it starts demanding. This is a feeling which you can’t control.

You need to train your body and take control of it if you want your dieting plans to be successful. Feeding your body at regular intervals has its own benefits aside from the fact that it would help you follow your diet plan diligently. Some of the benefits which eating smaller portions have on your body are mentioned below.

  1. Helps Prevent Sudden Changes in Sugar and Energy Levels

When you tend to start eating more your body does work hard to digest this food and during this process, the sugar levels and energy levels in your body rise. However, as soon as you are done with the digestion process, the energy levels began to fall and so do the sugar levels which do have a negative effect on your mood. Eating small regular meals do not put a load on your digestive system and therefore do not cause huge falls in the levels of energy, thereby fueling your body continuously for all day to day tasks.

  1. Helps You with the Process of Weight Loss

As soon as you are done eating any meal, you have glucose flowing within your bloodstream. Once this glucose is detected in your body, your pancreas starts producing insulin which helps in the efficient utilization of glucose. However, if you eat a large meal at once the levels of glucose in your body tend to rise to a far greater level and to process it high levels of insulin is released. This results in lower levels of sugar in your body. This induces a feeling of hunger and you think your body is demanding more glucose and in the end, you start eating more.

As you eat smaller portions throughout the day the levels of insulin are regulated within your body and you don’t have cravings to eat more food or consume calories. This results in quicker weight loss as fewer calories cause your body to start processing stored fats and hence making you look slim and fit.

  1. Helps Add Variety to Your Food

Try having six smaller meals a day and see how much variety you can add to your daily diet plan. With six meals a day, you get to have different food items which are less in fat as well as better in taste. Having a single large meal gives you the feeling of being full and you often began feeling tired. However, having smaller meals will give you the option of eating less and having sufficient energy to carry out your daily chores without consuming excessive fats. Hence take your meal plan, cut it fine by including fruits, snack items etc. in your daily meals.

So, these were the top 3 reasons which should encourage you to start eating smaller portions while you are on diet. If you know of any other advantages do not forget to let us know about it in the comment section below.

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