The Benefits of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

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Cosmetic contact lenses are also known a fashion contact lenses, Halloween contact lenses, colored contact lenses, theatre contact lenses or decorative contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses are used to change the look of one’s eyes (the colour of the eyeball) and not for correcting vision. One can temporarily change to brown eyes or blue eyes or any other color of choice. Even though it is named as “cosmetic” contact lenses, they are actually medical devices.

Some Risks of Using Cosmetic Contact Lenses:

  1. Corneal Abrasion, that is a cut or scratch on the top layer of the eyeball.
  2. Allergic reactions, for example, itchiness, redness of eyes, watery eyes.
  3. Eye infection
  4. Worst case scenario, blindness.

On November 2005, section 520(n) was added to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by Public Law 109-96 to establish that all contact lenses are devices under section 201 (h) of the Act. Because all contact lenses are now regulated as devices, including decorative or cosmetic, non- corrective contact lenses intended only to change the normal appearance of the eye, all contact lenses must be the subject of a cleared premarket notification or an approved premarket approval application before they may be legally marketed.

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Buying Cosmetic Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses, even cosmetic contact lenses can be bought from an ophthalmologist or an eye doctor, or through online shopping or other internet sources, or directly from any company. An important thing to keep in mind before buying is that the product should be bought from FDA approved company. Another safety measure before buying contact lenses is getting a prescription from the eye doctor. It is dangerous to buy contact lenses with having a proper medical eye check up and without a doctor’s prescription.

Empire Lenses is an online store specializing in selling Solotica contact lenses, dealing directly with the manufacturers in Brazil. They are the official distributor of Solotica lenses in Australia, popularly searched as Solotica Australia.

Solotica Contact lenses are known as the world’s most natural looking contact lenses. They are available in three styles of yearly and monthly disposable options Hidrocor, Natural Colors, and Hidrocharme. Solotica is one of the most popular cosmetic contact lenses worldwide especially in USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Solotica Hidrocor is the most natural looking and opaque one and it does not have a limbal ring. Solotica Hidrocor lenses are the most popular lenses in the world.

Natural is less opaque than hidrocor and has a light limbal ring or border with black accents across the colourized area, whereas hidrocharme has a defined dark limbal ring and is equal in opacity to Hidrocor. Solotica Hidrocharme has a defined dark limbal ring and is equal in opacity to Hidrocor. Hidrocharme is the most dramatic style in Solotica.
The most popular Solotica colors are Quartzo, Crystal or lightest gray, Ocre or hazel and Mel or green. These lenses can last for around a year, provided the necessary care and precautions are taken. Don’t forget that the lenses need to be soaked in proper contact lens solutions for their protection and to preserve their quality.

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